13 Tips To Reduce Blog Loading Time and Make it Faster

reduce blog load time

Blog loading time can dramatically impact your website ranking and conversion. Google considers website’s loading speed as a ranking factor and that is why it is important that we should work to reduce our website and blog loading time. If you are on blogger you hardly notice any downtime and blog slow-downs but WordPress bloggers have one thing to  Continue Reading

Zero Bounce Rate Plugin Review with 15% Discount Bonus

zero bounce rate plugin review

Bounce rate upto 50-70% is fine but what if your blog is getting more than 70% bounce rate? It can be very dangerous for your blog's search engine rankings. In past, I had already shared 20 tips to reduce Bounce rate, but those actions take long time to give results. Sometimes you may not get noticeable results too. If you are a serious  Continue Reading

How to Improve Keywords Ranking in Google?

improve keywords ranking

“How to improve your search engine ranking of your keywords?” is probably the million dollar question every blogger has ever thought.  In this ever changing game of ever-changing SERPs position you have to take care in order to maintain the ranking of your keywords. Not long ago, I had shared some ON-page SEO tips which helped you to improve the  Continue Reading

How To Start Your Own WordPress Blog – Ultimate Guide!

start wordpress blog

Blogging, when it was introduced, was seen as a mere ‘hobby’. In the beginning, blogs were called ‘Weblogs’. Basically, it was like keeping a log of events, writings etc, on the internet. Naturally, people took to maintaining blogs as a ‘hobby’ rather than taking it up as a ‘serious affair’. But fast forward to the present, and one can see  Continue Reading

How To Transfer Domain Name from One Person to Another?

transfer domain name

There can be n number of reasons why you want to transfer your domain from one account to another. It might be simply because you have made multiple accounts earlier to get benefits from discount coupons and now just want to have them under a single account for easy management. It might be even be because you have found a good seller for your blog  Continue Reading