Definitive Guide To User Generated Content Marketing

If you are tired of writing eye-catching articles for your blog, I have a strategy that can bring you lots of traffic and tons of shares without writing a single blog post yourself.

I am talking of leveraging user-generated content to increase the traffic and visibility of your blog.

Want to see how user-generated content (UGC) can help you in blogging and content marketing?

You’ll love this post then.

Before showing you my secret strategies to getting relevant content without writing a word, let me explain what UGC is all about.
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Get Traffic From Google Plus Using 7 Simple Methods

Social media marketing has always been an excellent way to drive traffic to our blogs.

And as you might know, Facebook and Pinterest are the best referrers of website traffic. However, what most of us ignore is Google Plus, which has recently grown hugely with over 250 million dedicated users.

Google plus overtook LinkedIn in 2014 in terms of referral traffic. It recently revamped itself to give competition to Pinterest. Google Plus has always been a favorite to marketers and influencers apart from the common people.

I have been using Google Plus all this time, and I must say marketing your blog on this platform definitely boosts traffic. In past one year, I got almost 9K traffic alone from Google Plus and now it is my second referrer of traffic after Facebook.

Traffic from Google Plus

Traffic from Google Plus

So, do you want to tap into this resource of targeted traffic?

Here are the exact 7 steps by which I drive massive traffic from Google plus (and you can too).

What are we waiting for?

Let’s start?

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1+5 Best Email Marketing Software’s To Build Your Blog Audience

There are basically two ways to monetize a blog or website.

One is to depend upon Google to make money (AdSense, selling banner ads, paid reviews, etc.) and the other is to grow your readership (using your blog or an email list).

You never know when Google will penalize your site costing you traffic and sales. On the other hand, if you build your list, you have unlimited ways to make money.

Did you know that over 80% of the income made by top bloggers and marketers comes from their email list?

Did you also know that Capterra found that every dollar spent on email marketing resulted in $44.25 of revenue? That’s a whopping ROI, right?

Email List Building ROI

Email List Building ROI

Simply put: money is REALLY in the list.

Email list is just like a money making machine. The more value you add to your list, the more money it generates for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are building a blog for making money or increase your online influence; email list is a goldmine.

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7 Ways To Find Blog Post Ideas That Generate Backlinks

Finding ideas to blog about is a tough job, even for an experienced blogger.

No matter, how good are you at brainstorming ideas, you run out of ideas some of the times.

There are dozens of posts that explain to you how to find blog topic ideas. The majority of those posts fail to explain how to find ideas that drive real backlinks to your blog.

The best way to build natural backlinks is to produce great content and properly promote it. For that, brainstorming ideas for blogging that have the potential to drive high-quality backlinks is essential.

Blog Post Ideas

The specialty of this post is that in this post, I will explain you to find ideas that drive you high traffic and backlinks.

Let’s get started.

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