ABCD Guide For Beginners To Build Successful Career in Blogging

Blogging is a great way to express your thoughts and views about any subject. But lately, the hobby part of blogging is replaced by earning from blogging. There are people around the world who are making huge money and inspiring others to adopt blogging as a full time job and main source of income. However, Blogging is no different from any other profession. You will have to dedicate your time and learn a lot before reaching to a state where you can earn.

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If you want some results, start switching from Blogging as a hobby to a career, this ABCD of blogging will guide you through.

I will start the ABCD in reverse order. I will tell you why later.

ABCD Blogging Guide For Beginners

blogging guide for beginners


D is Design, Deploy, Develop.


Design is the overall look of your blog. The first thing anyone notices is how your blog looks – well structured, elegant themes, customized menus etc.

WordPress provides a more customizable environment with lots of professional themes – both free and paid ones. However, hosting a blog on WordPress is costlier and its you who have to pay the hosting bills along with domain registration. Blogger is free for hosting but has limited features.


You are creating a blog for people. Your blog will reach to thousands in your coming days. These people may be amateurs or highly knowledgeable people having an in-depth understanding of what you are writing in your blog.

What I am trying to say is to influence these peoples, you have to develop a deep understanding of your subject. And for that, you have to read a lot. Everything is there on Google.


Deploy means to bring into action. Combine your knowledge and experience and create the best of you. Deploy the knowledge you have acquired and present it to your audience in the best possible way.


C is Content and Content is the king. The visitors sole purpose to come to your blog is to find the answer of his query and its the content that is going to establish your blog. Your content quality will decide your long term profit from blogging.

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Content has 3 aspects:

Uniqueness- I just said – everything is available on Google. Then how its gonna be unique? The answer lies in the way of presentation. The way you will mix your words with images, facts and figures, your personal experience will make your post unique.

Optimization- Search Engine Optimization is a gradual process and you will learn it gradually in your blogging career. No one can really teach you SEO in a day or two, on YouTube or messenger. Its your experience that will count on your SEO practices. Keyword research, optimizing your Titles and Meta descriptions, switching to long term keywords, link building, and much more you will have to learn.

Marketing: Content needs to be delivered. What you write has to reach to right audience and its your responsibility to market it to as much people as possible. Its your presence on Social Networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other social sites thats gonna benefit you. Increasing your followers, building Connections, Adding people to your circles, and building an email subscriber list should be in your preference list.

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Blog often, Blog Regularly.

Don’t just sit and hope your blog to grow. Go and write a post daily unless you are someone who have more than 400+ articles with thousands of impressions daily and $$$ in your account.

The post frequency may range from 3-7 posts weekly. Anything more than that will indicate that you are not giving proper time to marketing. So, avoid overdoing it too.

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The last step is advertising. Your ultimate goal is to make money from your blog. There are mainly 3 forms from which you can make dollars.

CPC programs: Cost-Per-Click programs pays you on the basis of clicks generated on the ads that are displayed on your blog. There are several PPC advertising networks like AdSense and Chitika wh ich can make you a lot of money.

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CPM program: CPM is Cost per impression. They pay on the number of ad views irrespective of clicks on your ads. The advantage of CPM over CPC is that you are paid everytime your site loads whether any clicks are generated or not.

CPM advertising is however for those who have thousands of impressions per day. You won’t see any real money in your account unless you have traffic. They are numerous CPM advertising networks like TribalFusion, VibrantMedia, CasaleMedia which are legitimate and pays good.

In CPC advertising, users has to click on the ads. Each click will redirect the user to the advertising site and you loose a reader for that time. The reader might have read some more stuffs in your blog, subscribed to your blog. But you have missed it.

In CPM, you are not redirecting your reader to some other site.

Affiliate Marketing: In affiliate marketing, you advertise products on your blog, provides reviews, compel your readers to buy stuffs and any sale generated will earn you commissions. There are different affiliate marketers like – which has everything that can be sold, Commission Junction etc.

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BIG Why?

Now, why I started the post in reverse order is due to the fact that the blogging is a gradual process. You need traffic to earn from Advertising. For traffic, you have to have quality contents and market your blog to readers.

Better content and Marketing will drive traffic to your blog and in turn will earn you money.

Implement this ABCD in your blogging and start growing in your blogging career. Happy blogging! :)

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  1. Ankur Upadhyay

    All these four components: Design, Content, Regularity and Advertising are essential for the success of every blog.
    No blog can get success after neglecting any of these four components.

    For me, content and design holds the key. If you can present quality content in an attractive manner, then no one can stop you from getting success.

    Thanks Ankit for this awesome article. Its good to see you back. :)
    Ankur Upadhyay recently posted…List of blogs conducting #HappierDiwali giveawaysMy Profile

  2. Good guide Ankit. Its has been few months I have started blogging, I am well aware of all the steps. But its always good for new blogger to have proper guidance before starting their blogging journey. I would always recommend your blog as starting point, as I myself have learnt a lot from your blog.
    Sekhar recently posted…Top 8 Android Phones above Rs 20000My Profile

  3. Sameer Sumdarshi

    A very good post Ankit Bro, Read a post after long time on your blog.
    Welcome Back!!!

  4. Being hardcore marketing strategist I know most of the things but this online marketing, blogging, seo, this whole arena is overwhelmingly new for me, the day I started working on my blog like the bloggers do was the day when I bumped in this site accidentally ;p and I must admit it was a good accident. Thank You mate :)

  5. Ankit Its Really Nice Tips For Beginners And me I Most Share Your This Article With my New Bloggers friends i hope They Also like Your Article Thank You So Much For Sharing

  6. Great information! I would add another way to make a lot of money from your blog and that is to sell your own product.

    Believe you me, I’ve helped a lot of friends do this and helped them make $400 – $6000 a month depending on the blog and the audience and the product. Most only took a day or two to create a simple ebook or training audio.

    As a matter of fact, I’ve been getting pushed by a friend of mine to create a course in doing this but I’m just doing my Life Coaching at present.

    However, with all the great things on the UBC, if there were enough interest, I might do something.

    We will see.

    Kathy Hadley recently posted…Accentuate The Positive – Feed The Good – Day 30 of 31 Days of TransformationMy Profile

  7. Hemant shah

    Thankyou Ankit,
    I really didn’t new some of the facts that you said today.
    i was mad and applying for adsense and chitika.
    i only had not more than 40 post.
    so now onwards I will apply only after i have sufficient content in my website,
    first i will gain traffic then i will earn.
    Thanks a lot

  8. Nice ABCD blogger post bro :)

    I really like the “B” part saying the bloggers to blog regularly. Yeah, it would really sound great than lessons which you’ve specified here. Bcoz, if you are consistent in blogging, then you could do all the listed blogging tips.

    I think am doing most of the your written tips, will follow the missed one. Thanks for presenting this ABCD post for us. Keep writing :)
    Nirmala recently posted…Useful apps to make money with smartphoneMy Profile

  9. Great article Ankit. Each and every point is important. I seen lots of people started blogging and left it after few 5-10 articles.
    I also have same case. I were started in 2008. I had written 5-10 posts then Left. Then again after 5 years I started Blogging as a Part time. I hope & will be happy if I will become a full time blogger…
    Thanks for sharing…

  10. Hi Ankit,

    Interesting article with the ABCD classification. This writing will definitely keep readers interested.We are newbies and into blogging for a few months now. Our recent posts:Blogging-tips-for-beginners

    Manju recently posted…Blogging Tips For BeginnersMy Profile

  11. Hi Ankit,

    What an awesome post!

    You are successful to present the gist of blogging through your abcd philosophy.

    Apart from these foundation points another important ingredient of blogging is passion. After Yousaf have abcd and still not earning anything, just have some patience and look for ways to better your blog.

    Thanking you
    Suresh Khanal
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…10 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks – A Quick OverviewMy Profile

  12. Siddharth Sharma

    wow! What a Awesome Post Ankit Bro.
    I’m also a newbie and today I learn Full ABCD of Blogging Here.
    That’s Amazing in reading and learning. Here I Like ‘B’ Part of this Article Too Much .
    Thanks Bro. :)
    Siddharth Sharma recently posted…5 Best New Apps for Microsoft Windows 8My Profile

  13. Hi Ankit,

    Great to be back on your blog! ABCD just rocked! Great post.

    Talking about ‘Blogging Regularly’, it is where most bloggers get it wrong. They publish one good post and rest on their laurels. Consistency is the key.

    As you said, it is necessary to publish new posts regularly. But let me have my take on it. I say that it is necessary to publish new posts regularly. But, instead of publishing an average quality post daily, it is better to take two days and write an awesome post.

    What say bro?

    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…WP Super Cache’s Optimum SettingsMy Profile

  14. Hello Ankit,
    It is not Just ABCD i think its a complete guide to run a blog successfully. These are the proven ways that not only helps to newbie but also help to all the bloggers. Nice interesting article bro.
    Gautam recently posted…Penguin Friendly SEO MethodsMy Profile

  15. Hey Ankit Bro

    Awesome article for newbies and reverse order explanation is good. Newbies write better content but they fail to make it user friendly. They write the content only for search engine to get better ranking. But your ABCD guide gave lots of tips like making content user friendly and Unique.

    I agree that don’t stuff keywords in content. Just put keywords that sounds natural. As you told about Advertising it’s good to go with different monetization methods and stick with those which works great for you. That way we can make decent money from our blog.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. :)

    Best Regards!
    vishal fulwani recently posted…How to activate windows 8.1 All-In-One RTM Version | Offline ActivatorMy Profile

    • Hello Vishal,

      You are absolutely right bro. Newbies don’t have idea about the User friendly and SEO friendly content. It takes time to learn these things but once you learned it helps a lot in better ranking and user experience.

      Making money from blog is literally tough because it needs patience and hard work. I liked your point about sticking to those monetization ways which works great for you. Thanks for stopping by. Your comment here is very much appreciated.

      Ankit Kumar Singla recently posted…How To Make Your Blog Visitors Happy And Returning?My Profile

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