How to Setup Feedburner Feed in Blogger?

Ankit Kumar Singla13/03/2013Traffic Tips

Feedburner Setup For Blogger
Once you publish your blog post, first thing you need is the readers to read your content. Content Syndication is the best way to deliver the content directly to the readers inbox so that they get notified whenever you publish a new post. Google Feedburner is the top known service for content syndication. It is also known as RSS Feed syndication. In this tutorial I will tell you step by step way to enable feed syndication for your blog that will help to increase traffic to your blog and build your blog readership. Once you enable email subscription service in your blog, you will notice how your blog traffic is increasing. So. let start the tutorial.

Feedburner Tutorial Series
Part 1: How to Setup Feedburner Feed in Blogger?
Part 2: Feedburner Mybrand – Change Feed URL With Custom Domain

Setup Feedburner to Blogger

  1. First go to Feedburner and login with your Google Account.
  2. Now type your blog URL in the burn a feed text field and click next button.
  3. burn a feed

  4. Again click on next button on the new page.
  5. Enter your feed title and feed address as shown below and click next.
  6. Now your feed is live. Click on next button.
  7. feed live

  8. On the next page you will get some options. Simply check those options which you want and press next button.
  9. traffic statistics

  10. Now you have completed all the steps successfully. You will receive a congratulation message on your screen.
  11. updated feed

Redirect Blogger Feeds to FeedBurner

Once you setup feedburner for your blog you have to redirect your blog feed to the feedburner feed. To do this simply follow the below steps.

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard.
  2. Go to settings >> Other >> and then navigate to “Site Feed
  3. Click on edit link and enter your feedburner feed URL in the Post Feed Redirect URL text field.
  4. redirect feed

  5. Now click on Save Settings button.
  6. You are done!

Your Turn!

This was all about how to setup feedburner feed to blogger blog. Now it’s your turn. Simply follow these steps and enable feed syndication in your blog so that your blog readers can be in touch with you.

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