Tips To Improve Alexa Rank – See My Blog’s Ranking!

When I started blogging back in 2009, I had no idea what Alexa rank is and how to improve it.

As time passed, I kept learning various aspects of Blogging and came to know that Alexa is like talk of the town in blog-o-sphere.

As being a new blogger, it was comparatively tough to attain a good Alexa rank for my blog, but as my Blogging experience kept improving, my Alexa rank also started touching new heights.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. What is Alexa Rank?
  2. Why Alexa rank is important?
  3. and Finally, How to improve Alexa rank?

improve alexa ranking

What is Alexa Rank? ranks website on the basis of traffic they get. Not all the traffic, but only from those users who have Alexa toolbar installed in their browser.

What does it mean is, if you are getting traffic from Alexa toolbar users, your Alexa rank will keep improving day-by-day. is a product/service of the giant of eCommerce business i.e Although having a good Alexa rank doesn’t help you directly in any way, but still it have its own benefits. Let’s talk about them:

Why Alexa rank is important?

If you are into online marketing business, where you deal with several advertisers/ product owners then Alexa rank is very important for you.

Blogs with impressive Alexa rank attract the advertisers to spend money on your site to feature their service/product. Alexa rank below 50K can impress advertisers easily as it shows the quality of the site.

So, having a good Alexa rank help bloggers to make decent money from direct advertisements.

Except money, it also helps in various other ways like:
1. Backlinks: other bloggers will start linking to your site if you have great Alexa rank. It will generate more natural backlinks for you.
2. Popularity: it builds readers’ trust and you’ll become more popular in your niche.
3. Interviews: Novice or Amateur bloggers love to take and publish pro-bloggers’ interview on their blog so that they and their readers can learn some pro techniques from experts. So, if you have thrilling Alexa rank, get ready for incoming interview requests 😀

PS: I got interviewed several times of various good authority blogs and also on National news channel NDTV. You may like to watch my interview video:

How to Improve Alexa Ranking?

  1. Claim your site on – Sign up for a free account on and submit your site there. This is the very first and baby step to improve your Alexa ranking.
  2. Install Alexa toolbar into your browser – The more Alexa toolbar users visit your blog, the better your ranking will be. You can’t decline this fact that you visit your blog more than any of your reader. So, why don’t you take advantage of your own visit 😉
  3. Add Alexa widget to your blog – Alexa widget helps Alexa servers to better track the traffic. Add one in your blog and see a significant improvement in your rankings. It may not work overnight but something is better than nothing, right?
  4. Write Linkable and shareable content – The more useful content you’ll write for your blog readers, then more traffic and backlinks you’ll get. People will more likely to share your content across their social networks and finally it will help you in improving your Alexa rank fast.
  5. Drive traffic from Social Media sites – If you are connected with other bloggers on social media, chances will be higher that they all are using Alexa toolbar. The more traffic you’ll get from your blogger friends the better chances will be to get a noticeable ranking.
  6. Keep updating your blog with useful content and increase your returning visitors count – Trust me, returning visitors (Happy readers) help a lot to boost blog’s ranking. They are happy readers so they will share your content several times on their various social network profiles. You know how it will be beneficial for you. You know, right? Do let me know in the comments.
  7. Add videos inside your content – Post interesting videos in your blog posts and share them on your social profiles. People love videos. So, You’ll get great exposure and it will increase visit time of your blog and hence your Alexa rank will boost.
  8. Showcase your Alexa rank to your social media friends/ bloggers friends and link back to your blog. It attracts huge clicks and your ranking will keep improving day by day. See, how I did that on facebook and got 100+ likes and 400+ traffic.

alexa rank tips

So, these are the tips that will help you to improve your Alexa rank. I’ll keep updating this post for more helpful tips and strategies.


I highly recommend you to give some time in improving your blog’s Alexa ranking as it is important if you are a serious blogger and wants to generate money from direct advertisements.

If you liked this article, then kindly share it on your social profiles and help me to spread my words.

I would love to know from you, what’s the reason you want to achieve a better Alexa rank. Also, if you have any other tips/suggestions that work pretty well in improving Alexa ranking, then share it with me in the comment section and I’ll include that into my post.



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  1. Nirmala Santhakumar says

    congrats for the achievement Ankit :)

    You are having great Alexa now and its really good.

    Hope am following all to get good Alexa rank, but am missing to update the blog daily as I am part time blogger. But will try to implement it :)

    Nice post and it would help the bloggers toget good Alexa rank.

  2. Suresh Khanal says

    That’s very genuine method you’ve shared. Alexa aims to reflect the traffic and reputation of a site and you did all the necessary to improve greatly!

    Now it’s your turn to reap off the benefits :)

  3. neenasatine says

    what a valuable article. many bloggers like us are searching for this kind of information coz aside from increasing PR ranking, increasing Alexa ranking is also important to us

  4. says

    Only if you want to get some advertising for your blog you will have to increase your ranking in Alexa.
    Actually, you just need to focus on content and your Alexa Traffic rank will go very high.


  5. Joe says

    Nice tips with a clear explanation. Thanks for being such a great resource. I also appreciate someone who concentrates on quality content rather then silly blackhat tactics to increase their sites metrics.

  6. Samandar Nichari says

    I’ve read the article you’ve made regarding Alexa Ranking. It is really an important to be explained and understood because behind it the success is existed. Thanks For Sharing Such Great Information with us.

  7. Jake (Ayurveda Practitioner) says

    Love the article. I’ve just claimed my website on Alexa. Thanks for the quick blueprint. Really appreciate it.

  8. says

    hey ankit, you have done a really really good job , i wish i could do that :(. i am spending around 12 hours per day to increase my rankings but my current ranking is around 6.5 million and it has been 20 days since i started my websites. can u please tell me some bookmarking websites where u submit ur articles , some blogs where u comment and some other ways of building backlinks . I am feeling too frustrated . please help me :(

  9. says

    I started following your tips and noticed great improvement in my blog’s Alexa ranking in the past 15 days. Looking forward to get under top 100,000 blogs.

  10. vikram says

    Hello ankit,
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tips with us.I am following your blog. your Alexa rank improving day by day, your current Alexa rank is 7324, impressive..congrats buddy.

  11. Pranay Khatri says

    Hi bro, i just loved your article, i have started my new blog and optimizing it. I regularly want to do blogging so i m searching on every blog because i m a learner so it will be great experience for me, i just loved your article and it will really helpful for me and surely will apply on my blog too. Thanks

  12. says

    Hi Ankit,
    Great Post, i always read you BTT and being a big fan of your blog. The way you simply eplain the thing is awesome. We have be struggling with our corporate blog in terms of alexa but we are close to the 100,000 mark. Thanks to you for sharing post on how to improve alexa ranking.


  13. says

    Hi Ankit,
    This is really useful article to get a decent alexa ranking. My blog gets good traffic but alexa is always a big number now I understood that it is backlinks which helps in lowering that number. Will try to build quality backlinks from now on…

  14. says

    Dear ankit,

    Very good article. i read lots of article about alexa rank improvement methods. I have applies all methods. But no change in my Rank. fluctuating between 2laks to 4 laks. updating regularly. please suggest the best tips to my blog Alexa rank improvement.

    Thank you

    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

  15. says

    Nice share bro, Will implement in my blog, now more people will check alexa ranking of your site, when the read this post through thee toolbar, which will again decrease your alexa ranking my 1000. Thank you!

  16. says

    Hi Ankit..
    Very Nice Tips to Increase Alexa Rank for the Blog or website..
    After Reading your Guide I am very sure that I will Decrease My Alexa Rank 59K to 30K for Sure…
    Thanks You Very Much Ankit.. :)

  17. says

    Ankit congrats my man! Awesomeness! I’ve watched you slowly bump up that Alexa rank over time. Your practical posts, your social traffic but more key your COMMUNITY helped make this happen, and you built the community with your kindness, generosity and support.

    Congrats dude, onward and upward 😉

    Keep on inspiring Ankit!


  18. says

    Hi Ankit,

    This is great to see your success. Thanks for sharing the wonderful tricks to improve it. Hope, I could also increase mine one soon.

    Thanks again. Have a cool day!

  19. says

    Congrats Ankit,

    Alexa ranking is very important for every blog. You reached below 10000. great. But your shared the real tips on implementing method. Congrats.


    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

  20. says

    Hey Ankit bro,
    After a long time commenting on your blog.
    Well Alexa is a very important factor in Blogging specially to attract advertisers. The points you have explained here are all very important to gain good alexa rank. You have done some awesome job with your BTT. Congratulations for that :)
    I am also working on Alexa and after reading this posts I got some extra ideas too :)
    Thanks bro for such an awesome article.

    Soumyakanti Ray

  21. says

    Hi Ankit

    Very comprehensive post where you covered all the requirements and necessary steps to get higher Alexa rank.

    Advertisers mostly check this rank first of all to decide if an ad should be given to a blog or not. So its money impact can’t be ignored.

    Thanks for sharing very informative tips.

  22. says

    Hi Ankit,

    Fantastic stuff. You’re doing an amazing job. Alexa ranking is really important metric especially when the time of flipping your websites.

    I personally follow all the tips you mentioned in this post to improve my Alexa rank. One another crucial factor that decides your Alexa rank is your website traffic levels. The more site traffic you get the faster you can improve your Alexa rankings.

  23. says

    Hi Ankit bro,
    Thanks for your valuable words about Alexa ranking. You pointed out mind blowing 8 ideas to boost Alexa rank. I have a question regarding this case.
    Do Alexa widget plays any role in boosting Alexa rank??

    Waiting for your kind answer. Have a nice day bro.

  24. says

    Thankyou Ankit! This is very convincing article and after reading it too I realized the importance signed up for Alexa. Also Ankit, If you can suggest in brief about the reason I see my ranking slipping below then previous after adding 3-4 more articles to existing, As I understand if you add up activities on your blog, your ranking rectifies, you leave it, it drops off!

  25. says

    I am really confused on how to increase alexa rank exactly.I now i am little bit is on the line but i am confused that when we update the post about 10 times does it effects the rank of the website.If we thinks the rank should increase but according to my practical experience it is decreasing………………………..
    please help me

  26. says

    congrats dude..!! I have been Reading your article from past few days..Great..
    I have ques regarding my blog..My Alexa rank is decreasing quite nicely. Came under 3 lac in just 2 month but getting very low traffic.. just 50-60 views only..Please suggest something..

  27. says

    Hey Ankit,

    We all know that, google didn’t updated the page rank for the past 1 year. Because of this, advertisers are now only considering the alexa rank. So, it is better to concentrate on alexa.

    Thank you so much for sharing your tips.

    I’m looking forward to see your upcoming articles.



  28. says

    Hi Ankit,

    Finally this post up on BBT! I was waiting for this since you shared your Alexa rank on Facebook.

    Installing alexa toolbar really helped me. Now I’ll try to add videos in my posts as you suggested above.

    Congrats on building such good Alexa!

  29. says

    You said Write Ever green Posts , But my blog is about android :( which means i cnt write evergreen posts as the manufacturers now a days are rolling new devices everyday

  30. says

    Great writing for beginner. its so helpful for me. thanks for sharing dude. i have a question. i can not add alexa widget in my blog. how can i add this widget? please help by answer my question. thank you in advance.

  31. says

    Hi Ankit, Thanks for sharing this article. My Alexa Rank in Jan was below 5 lakh and my daily visitors were around 100 but now my alexa rank is increased a lot now its around 30 lakh and also my daily visitors are 200+ , so i don’t understand what’s going wrong. Please help me or suggest me somthing so that my Alexa Rank will again come under 5 lakh
    Thanks in advance

  32. says

    My Alexa rank has improved from 26,000,000 in October 2014 and is now 257,000 on 19/03/2015. I don’t really understand why it is increasing, I publish 1 or 2 travel blog posts per week, plus share on social media. I guess it’s better than going down!

  33. says

    Very intresting article nice explaining .I also use alexa tool for improve my alexa ranking after reading your article.
    Thank you.

  34. says

    Very nice piece of information given in this blog. I also have almost the same problem. My site is losing alexa rank in India. Howeve,r the global rank is still improving. I implemented all the suggestions, but nothing changed. Please help me. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

  35. says

    Hi sir „ i found your blog a week ago and had learned alot about blogging . i had also started a blog but it is not getting any organic search visit . now it is 6 month time after creating . i posted 30 articles . but still sucks . how long it takes to get organic visiblity sir.

  36. says

    HI Ankit,
    thianks for this article.
    i try to increase my site alexa rank, but not hut the result . i will try to use your all tips, lets see my ranking is approving or not .

  37. says

    Hey Ankit, Thanks for sharing these tips. Actually I am looking for some great tips to improve my Alexa rankings and I am sure all these tips will help me.

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