Tips To Improve Alexa Rank – See My Blog’s Ranking!

When I started blogging back in 2009, I had no idea what Alexa rank is and how to improve it.

As time passes, I kept learning various aspects of Blogging and came to know that Alexa is like talk of the town in blog-o-sphere.

As being a new blogger, it was comparatively tough to attain a good alexa rank for my blog, but as my Blogging experience kept improving, my alexa rank also start touching heights.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. What is Alexa Rank?
  2. Why Alexa rank is important?
  3. and Finally, How to improve Alexa rank?

What is Alexa Rank? ranks website on the basis of traffic they get. Not all the traffic, but only from those users who have installed Alexa toolbar in their browser.

What does it mean is, if you are getting traffic from Alexa toolbar users, your alexa rank will keep improving day-by-day. is a product/service of giant of eCommerce business i.e Although having a good alexa rank don’t help you directly in any way, but still it have its own benefits. Let’s talk about them:

Why Alexa rank is important?

If you are into online marketing business, where you deal with several advertisers/ product owners then Alexa rank is very important for you.

Blogs with impressive alexa rank attract the advertisers to spend money on your site to feature their service/product. Alexa rank below 50K can impress advertisers easily as it shows the quality of site.

So, having a good alexa rank help bloggers to make decent money from direct advertisements.

Except of money, it also help in various other ways like:
1. Backlinks: other bloggers will start linking to your site if you have great alexa rank. It will generate more natural backlinks for you.
2. Popularity: it builds readers’ trust and you’ll become more popular in your niche.
3. Interviews: Buddy bloggers love to take interviews of pro-bloggers to learn from them and not only that they publish that interview on their blogs too. So, if you have thrilling alexa rank, get ready for incoming interview requests :D

PS: I got interviewed several times of various good authority blogs and also on National news channel NDTV. You may like to watch my interview video here.

How to Improve Alexa Ranking

  1. Claim your site on
  2. Install Alexa toolbar into your browser
  3. Add Alexa widget to your blog
  4. Write linkable and sharable content
  5. Drive traffic from Social Media sites
  6. Keep updating your blog with useful content and keep trying to bring returning visitors
  7. Add videos into your content – Post interesting videos and share on your social profiles. People love videos. So, You’ll get great exposure and it will increase visit time of your blog and hence your Alexa rank will boost.
  8. Showcase your alexa rank to your social media friends/ bloggers friends and link back to your blog. It attracts huge clicks and your ranking will keep improving day by day. See, how I did that on facebook and got 100+ likes and 400+ traffic.

alexa rank tips

So, these are the tips that will help you to improve your alexa rank. I’ll keep updating this post for more helpful tips and strategies.


I highly recommend you to give some time in improving your blog’s Alexa ranking as it is important if you are a serious blogger and wants to generate money from direct advertisements.

If you liked this article, then kindly share it on your social profiles and help me to spread my words.

I would love to know from you, what’s the reason you want to achieve a better Alexa rank. Also, if you have any other tips/suggestions that works pretty well in improving Alexa ranking, then share it with me in the comment section and I’ll include that into my post.

Thanks :)

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  1. Hafeez Khan says

    Wow Ankit thats amazing finally you achieve alexa rank under 100,000, we proud of you will will do somthing amazing in blogger careers. thumbs to BTT.

  2. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    @ Hafeez
    Thanks a lot dear to be loyal reader of BTT. You really help me a lot to achieve this goal. Thanks for your support bro :)

  3. Umesh Tarsariya says

    Wow amazing dude, you are rocking, you have share your own exprience with us, thanks a lot

  4. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    @ Umesh
    Thanks bro to give your support to BTT. This achievement will take more time if you don’t give your support to me.

  5. Rohan Mod says

    good one ankit after reading title i thought it is quite impossible but the way you described are completely ethical and makes this impossible task to possible.thanks buddy.widget for blogger

  6. Dheeraj thedijje says

    yeah i followed same and seen improvement on my earier blogspot blog but after i switched to new Domain, all multiplied by ZERO, on my new domain so i want to boost my ranking again, thanks alot ankit for helping me heading towards good ranking :)

  7. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    @ Dheeraj
    It happens because of change in URL. But it will be revert back very soon.
    *** Best of Luck ***

  8. Richie's World of Golf says

    What widget did you add to the blog? I see Alexa has traffic and review widgets.

    Richie from

  9. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    @ Richie
    I am using alexa’s ranking widget. Please check it into footer of this blog.

    @ Rohan
    Thanks for your appreciation bro. Go for these tips and help your blog to rank well in Alexa.. :)

  10. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    You will also get this ranking. Just work smartly and be patience.

  11. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    @ Ariful
    Dear selecting country in Alexa means for which country you want to see your alexa ranking. I recommend you to choose Bangladesh.

    To add the Alexa gadget into your blog go to
    and then type your blog URL in the text field > Click on build gadget button > select your gadget and paste the code into blog using add a gadget option.

  12. steve Smith says

    I Do it all steps. Can You Plz tell me How much Time alexa takes to show Blog’s Rank it currently showing No Data…Reply Quick if Possible…Thankxx in Advance…..

  13. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    @ steve
    Dear it depends on the blog traffic and backlinks. My blog ranking was started shown by Alexa in just 1 Hr.

  14. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    @ Thanayut KINGRPG
    Dear there is not hard and fast rule to add the widget into blog. But adding it can help to improve your alexa rank fast.

  15. Abhishek Ahlawat says

    Came across your Blog today through this post. And i must say you have done a great Job with your Blog. You have attained a good rank. Great going man !! And keep sharing your experiences.


    • Ankit Kumar Singla says

      Thanks Abhishek bro for your appreciation. Hope to see you again on my other posts.

  16. Nishigandh Chavan says

    Dear Ankit,
    I am regular reader of your blog. My blog has average 300 page views daily but nobody commenting on blog. I have inserted commentluv comments, facebook comments but no use.
    please guide me.

    • Ankit Kumar Singla says

      Thanks dear to visit my blog on regularly. Dear I am continuously sharing my experience to increase traffic, readership and comments on our blog. I strongly recommend you to read my latest posts. They will definitely do wonders for you.

  17. WebInfoBank says

    Hi Ankit Kumar Singla, man thank you very much for your post here, I read it and it really provides some insight, and I sent you an email to you that I would really appreciate so much if you can take the time to read and respond to it, thank you very much in advance!

    • Ankit Kumar Singla says

      Thanks dear for your appreciation. I’ll surely respond to your email once I received it.

  18. Prashant Mishra says

    Nice post, i have been blogging for last 1 year and my rank has always been in an Zig-Zag manner.. I mean to say some it is stable and later on it goes up to some level from were i cant recover. If you can suggest me some more tips to maintain the rank, it would be much appreciable.

  19. Nitin Maurya says

    Amazing … Its a great thing to be in 20 K in just 2 months. Will read your blog when i’ll get tym:)

  20. Nirmala Santhakumar says

    congrats for the achievement Ankit :)

    You are having great Alexa now and its really good.

    Hope am following all to get good Alexa rank, but am missing to update the blog daily as I am part time blogger. But will try to implement it :)

    Nice post and it would help the bloggers toget good Alexa rank.

  21. Rakesh Narang says

    Dude, you’re driving $1000 worth of traffic to your site each day. That’s a more startling stat than your Alexa Rank. Good job. ;)

  22. Sachin Verma says

    Hi Ankit Congrats, i just started working as a SEO and your tips are really helping me i am using your techniques in my office thanks.

  23. Nwosu Desmond Mavtrevor says

    Its great your sharing what worked for you, what browser are you exactly using?

  24. Suresh Khanal says

    That’s very genuine method you’ve shared. Alexa aims to reflect the traffic and reputation of a site and you did all the necessary to improve greatly!

    Now it’s your turn to reap off the benefits :)

  25. neenasatine says

    what a valuable article. many bloggers like us are searching for this kind of information coz aside from increasing PR ranking, increasing Alexa ranking is also important to us

  26. baseballcardspace says

    Holy crap dude, that is amazing. I just checked your Alexa rank now and you got down to lower than 18,000. Definitely a success story brewing here.

  27. RankedSites says

    There is another way you can do it and that’s by registering at . Its a autosurf website with a difference as all members webpages open in a new window and NOT in a frame. This does improve your rank because your web URL is displayed and not the website you are autosurfing from.
    Hope this helps

  28. RankedSites says

    There is another way you can do it and that’s by registering at . Its a autosurf website with a difference as all members webpages open in a new window and NOT in a frame. This does improve your rank because your web URL is displayed and not the website you are autosurfing from.
    Hope this helps

  29. Sandhi Sudha says

    whats beautiful traffic on this website i check u all website i spend many time on this website thank u

  30. saling indonesia says

    Tips’ve tried running but still fell alexa ranking, if the number of visitors could affect alexa rank?

  31. says

    Only if you want to get some advertising for your blog you will have to increase your ranking in Alexa .
    Actually , you just need to focus on contetn and your Alexa Traffic rank will go very high

    Regards ,
    Rizwan @ Blogger Kid

  32. Joe says

    Nice tips with a clear explanation. Thanks for being such a great resource. I also appreciate someone who concentrates on quality content rather then silly blackhat tactics to increase their sites metrics.

  33. Samandar Nichari says

    I’ve read the article you’ve made regarding Alexa Ranking. It is really an important to be explained and understood because behind it the success is existed. Thanks For Sharing Such Great Information with us.

  34. Jake (Ayurveda Practitioner) says

    Love the article. I’ve just claimed my website on Alexa. Thanks for the quick blueprint. Really appreciate it.

  35. says

    hey ankit, you have done a really really good job , i wish i could do that :(. i am spending around 12 hours per day to increase my rankings but my current ranking is around 6.5 million and it has been 20 days since i started my websites. can u please tell me some bookmarking websites where u submit ur articles , some blogs where u comment and some other ways of building backlinks . I am feeling too frustrated . please help me :(

  36. says

    I started following your tips and noticed great improvement in my blog’s Alexa ranking in the past 15 days. Looking forward to get under top 100,000 blogs.

  37. vikram says

    Hello ankit,
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tips with us.I am following your blog. your Alexa rank improving day by day, your current Alexa rank is 7324, impressive..congrats buddy.

  38. Pranay Khatri says

    Hi bro, i just loved your article, i have started my new blog and optimizing it. I regularly want to do blogging so i m searching on every blog because i m a learner so it will be great experience for me, i just loved your article and it will really helpful for me and surely will apply on my blog too. Thanks

  39. says

    Hi Ankit,
    Great Post, i always read you BTT and being a big fan of your blog. The way you simply eplain the thing is awesome. We have be struggling with our corporate blog in terms of alexa but we are close to the 100,000 mark. Thanks to you for sharing post on how to improve alexa ranking.


  40. says

    Hi Ankit,
    This is really useful article to get a decent alexa ranking. My blog gets good traffic but alexa is always a big number now I understood that it is backlinks which helps in lowering that number. Will try to build quality backlinks from now on…

  41. says

    Dear ankit,

    Very good article. i read lots of article about alexa rank improvement methods. I have applies all methods. But no change in my Rank. fluctuating between 2laks to 4 laks. updating regularly. please suggest the best tips to my blog Alexa rank improvement.

    Thank you

    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

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