How to Improve Keywords Ranking in Google?

Writing content for blog is not enough to rank well in search engines like Google. We need some special care to make our blog SEO friendly. Then it will rank awesomely in all major search engines. In my previous posts, I shared some Off page SEO Tips that are beneficial to improve keywords position in search results. As you may already know that we must focus on On Page and Off Page SEO Techniques both to make our blog SEO friendly and search engines lovable. That’s why today I bring some tips that will help you to rank well in search results. Hope you guys like to read these tips.

Improve Keywords Ranking Google

Improve Keywords Position in Search Results

There are many things that we must care during blogging. Read below points and try to follow them to improve your blog traffic through search engines.

1# Optimize Post Titles

During writing new post for your blog, always tries to use SEO friendly post titles because this is the first thing that decides your ranking in search results.

Include your main and targeted keyword in your post title. If you are a blogger use then read below tutorial to optimize your post titles.

2# Add Keywords to Content

Provide best quality content in your blog and add some keywords into it at prominent places that fits there.

Keyword density should be kept in mind to make content for SEO friendly. Use at most 2% or 3% keywords in your content.

For example if you have 500 words in your article, then you can use your keyword 10 to 15 times.

3# Add Keywords to Images

Images not only use to make blog posts more attractive. They can also be used as an extra place to put keywords into it.

There are some image optimization tips that you must know to optimize your images. Read below tutorial to know about this topic in details.

  • Read: 6 Tips To Optimize Images For SEO

4# Add Keyword Rich Labels

Labels are used to categorize blog posts. They also used by related posts widget to show related posts under every post. But if you used them correctly then you can take its benefit to improve your keywords ranking in Google.

Always add a keyword rich label name to every post you publish on your blog because it is also a best place to put keywords.

If you have already added some labels without adding keywords into it then don’t worry, you can rename it also.

The above 4 tips are for On-Page SEO, now continue reading for some Off-page SEO Tips. These tips are also beneficial to improve keywords ranking in search results.

5# Use Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is the best method to gain high quality keyword rich dofollow backlinks. If you don’t know about importance of backlinks in search rankings then let me tell you that quality backlinks are very important for every blog or website to improve search rankings.

Use guest blogging to increase number of keyword rich backlinks of your blog. Write high quality content and submit it to other blogs under your niche. It will also help to increase your blog page views and readers.

6# Blog Commenting

You might think that why waste time to leave comments on other’s blog. This is the big mistake that newbie bloggers do.

You should participate in the conversation on other blog’s by leaving a valuable comment. It will not only introduce you and your blog into the blog-o-sphere but also you will get quality backlinks for your blog.

Don’t waste your time to leave comments on random blogs. You must target KeywordLuv and CommentLuv enabled blogs to gain dofollow backlinks. If you don’t have any idea about that then read below tutorial.

7# Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is the part of Off-Page SEO Techniques. It helps a lot to improve keywords ranking in Google.

I have published a post on How To Do Social Bookmarking in SEO but it must do with proper care. Misuse of this can ruin your blog ranking too.

There are some tips and suggestions for those bloggers who want to participate in social bookmarking to increase their rankings in search results.

8# Directory Submissions

As same as social bookmarking, directory submission with care can also help blog owners to make their blog popular in search results.

There are also some points for directory submission that you must know to take proper benefits of your hard work.

Please read below tutorial to know what you should know before doing directory submission for your blog.

Final Words!

These were the top 8 tips to improve keywords ranking in Google. I tried my best to share all the working methods here.

If I miss something then please let me know through comments and if you know other tips and tricks to improve ranking in Google then please share them with me. Thanks! Happy Blogging!

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  1. Rohan Mod says

    nice post ankit i think proper optimization of your anchor text and using those keywords while creating backlinks really loved by google bots and also helps search engine to send traffic to anchor text and consistency really increases blog level.thanks for sharing other methods.widget for blogger

    • Divya Mangla says

      Thanks a lot for this information and I will try to use and understand all this for my website

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  2. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    @ Rohan
    Yes dear, I am totally agree with you. Varying anchor text while creating backlinks in very important. We must take care about it. Thanks for your comment.

    @ Tan
    Thanks bro for your appreciation.. Please keep visiting.

    @ Imtiaz
    Most welcome buddy! Stay connected with my blog.

    • Rohan Mod says

      Hi Ankit,
      I have one request i want to write for your blog and want to submit guest post would please allow me for this privileage.

    • joshent says

      Hi there Ankit, I guess I can use these tips from your :). Thanks a lot for this. Anyways, have you guys check the new tool named Colibri ( They have the free trial period and aside from Google tools, this tool really satisfies me the most. I hope you guys will try this one. I posted it here as well because I can’t help it when I know there are other people out there who experienced the same feeling like me. Anyways, thanks again for the tips Ankit, I’ll bookmarked this one.

  3. Hafeez Khan says

    We like tips #3 its indeed a very useful tips. many pro blogger are still giving a nonsense name. But We should always put some keywords to image name & also give proper name to alt tags thats is. Thanks bro all are useful SEO. tips best of luck. Keep blogging. Thanks To BTT Editorial team.

  4. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    @ Rohan
    Dear bro thanks a lot to show your interest in my blog. But must submit blog to big blogs which have high page rank and better alexa ranking. Only then you can take benefits of guest posting.

    @ Hafeez
    Thanks dear for your appreciation. You guys are the real motivators for me. Your comments and appreciations motivate me to write more quality articles. Thanks for your comment dear.

  5. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    @ Asif tufail
    Dear traffic only grow when you have something valuable on your blog. There are ads more than the content on your blog. Try to improve blog quality first then your traffic and revenue both will increase. Best of Luck.

  6. Ravi Kumar says

    Nice article Ankit.You have included almost all point except the use of multiple targetted keywords in description.Most of the new bloggers use only one keyword but they should use more than one to get more exposure.Anyway thanks for this article. Review- Is it a Scam site?

  7. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    @ Ravi
    Thanks bro to share your knowledge with me. But I don’t think adding multiple keywords in description is a good idea. It will be keyword stuffing which is not good for SEO.

  8. Keerthish says

    Hi bro , can you plz have a look over my blog with costum domain ” “.
    Need some suggestions from you in making it more good and wanted to have google ads approved . will be very thankful if you .

  9. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    @ Keerthish
    I am facing problem to check your blog properly because right click is disabled on your blog.
    To get approved for adsense, make sure you have 100% original content on your blog and try to improve its functionality like load time. Your blog must be SEO friendly so that it can reach to maximum audience.

  10. ailfrid vega says

    I am already doing all these stuff..if you have something unique to say then share it

    • Ankit Kumar Singla says

      There are many things you can do. For example you can try article submission to get some quality backlinks.

    • Ankit Kumar Singla says

      @ abhayraj
      Dear you must care while doing these activities and SEO never gives quick results. You must be patience to get your rankings improved.

    • Ankit Kumar Singla says

      Bro there are lot of tutorials and guides on my blog that you can use to increase your blog traffic. Please use search box above to find those guides. Keep visiting :)

    • Ankit Kumar Singla says

      Dear please check your blog’s traffic stat in Google Analytic and check is there any traffic drop after May 22? If yes, then is it decreasing continuously? If yes, then there are major chances that your blog is get hit by penguin update. Read my penguin recovery tips post to recover your blog traffic and rankings.

  11. jack rose says

    mere bai aap mujko yea bata sakte hai ki mai apni site per uk ke visiter kaisai laui
    kya kay keru roj ka daily work kya kya keri

    • Ankit Kumar Singla says

      Dear please leave your comments in English only.
      There are many methods to gain traffic from UK like:
      1) Use LinkedIn and make friends from UK and share your posts.
      2) Find UK blogs and post comments daily.
      3) Submit guest posts to UK blogs to get really targeted traffic.
      Hope it’ll work for you. Keep trying :)

  12. Shubham Gupta says

    I m working on a web site and some keywords come under top 10 in google search but how to reach that keyword in top three search result of google.

  13. vishal tewatia says

    hey ankit. you have done really a great job. but i don’t get can i place keywords in title,content etc .for example- If i make a post about search engine optimization and i give it a title- how to optimize your blog for search engines- then i can only write these words in title bar. So is there any other way to specify the words from title to be chosen for keywords or every word of title itself is a keyword.
    Your help would be appreciated.

  14. Haine MariSSa says

    Very good article. I want to know about fluctuation of keywords position in google search.

  15. Jenny Samuel says

    All the above mentioned are trustworthy. you can also do classifieds submissions to promote your website and the increase in number of visits will help in boosting your page rank of the site.

  16. says

    Hello Ankit Kumar Singla

    I totally tensed how to improve keyword ranking in Google. After read your blogger, my all doubts clear. thanks to share a informative information. keep it up..

  17. says

    Just want to say your article is as astonishing.
    The clarity in your post is just great and i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the gratifying work.

  18. Adesanmi Adedotun says

    Hi Ankit,

    This is really an awesome post,Post title is indeed the number key factor to consider before analysing the way of the blog content to attract visitor in the first place which may/must be in line with the content keywords, but the issue of keyword is one of the major problem bloggers do face for ranking high on search engine as many don’t really understood the way to properly effect it on their blog post if at all the keywords are not competitive. Blog comment my buddy, I love this indeed as a source of quality backilink but not to spam other blogs as a result of building blog backlink.

  19. says

    This article is very helpful for me, all the points you described in your article is very important to understand. Thanks for this awesome article.

  20. says

    Great dear sir. all the tips are awesome. I like all the tips. Many of them I know but really brother you describe these briefly. thanks dear for sharing.

  21. Samandar Nichari says

    I think, Improving keyword in SEO is essential to be applied. However, In SEO We’ve many things to optimize and customize in order to keep it at front of Google eyes.

  22. Reginald says

    Hi Ankit,

    Another great write up (Jesus I am enjoying your post so much) Haha~

    Anyway, I had not do any directory submission for a long time now. Pretty give up on that due to too many algo changes but through my findings, it still have some advantages.

    You nailed everything in just 8 points and keep that up. Okay nuff said. Bookmarked!

    Have a great week ahead!

  23. mohit says

    hi ankit this is mohit how to find keyword local as well as global that are most searched on Google. Plz leave your valuable suggestion.

  24. mohit says

    Even i want to know which theme are u using and which will be the best paid theme from theme junkie and elegant themes. Plz leave your valuable suggestion soon.

  25. says

    No brother You described every needed point in this post. No doubt on-page and of-page so both are essential for SEO. I think blog commenting and Social bookmarking are most useful for search ranking.

  26. says

    bro really u make a perfect sense and i started following you, Its really a heathly post for those who wants a perfect seo, u had described each topic in detail thanks a lot buddy…^-^

    • says

      Hey Umesh Bro,

      It’s my pleasure that you like my post.
      How’s your blogging experience on WP? Hope you’ll do best with it as you were doing on Blogger.
      Best of luck!

  27. says

    Thanks for sharing this. I still have to work harder to improve my website rank. Well I have a question about keyword density.

    You wrote, “Keyword density should be kept in mind to make content for SEO friendly. Use at most 2% or 3% keywords in your content. For example if you have 500 words in your article, then you can use your keyword 10 to 15 times.”

    Is it a must? I mean, would the article look “natural” with such keyword density? What if I have less than 3%?



  28. says

    Great post ankit I think that ranking for any keyword is not that much difficult if you analyze you targeted keywords properly and try to rank for low competitive keywords instead of high competitive keyword and this is really going to improve your ranks

    Rohit Singh

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