How To Increase Twitter Followers Instantly?

Blog followers and subscribers are very important for any online business. They are those people who help us to maintain a flow of traffic on our blog. In my earlier posts, I had discussed a trick to increase blog followers that was really appreciated by lot of my readers. And today I bring another trick to increase twitter followers quickly for free. There are lot of programs and tools available on the internet that promises to increase your twitter followers fast and free but let me aware you with a fact about those tools. You can surely gain more followers by using such programs like AddMeFast but those followers will not give you any benefit. We need targeted followers, those have interest in our niche, so that we can expect some retweets from them. Only targeted followers can help us to gain traffic from twitter. That’s why I am going to share a trick to increase targeted followers on twitter.

Increase Your Twitter Followers

Steps to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Below are some very easy steps that you have to follow to gain really targeted followers for your blog instantly.

  1. Make a list of some big blogs under your niche that have a huge list of twitter followers.

  2. Open their twitter page.

  3. Now check their followers. Below screenshot shows the twitter followers of a very popular blog MBT.

  4. twitter followers

  5. Click on FOLLOWERS link and follow their followers as many as possible.

  6. follow on twitter

  7. These are those people who have interest in your niche. Follow maximum people to gain maximum followers. There is really a cool formula on twitter that “You Follow Me, I Follow You Back!“. When we follow others, the majority of people follow us back on twitter.

  8. That’s it!

These were very simple steps to increase targeted followers on twitter.

But there is a problem.

The chances are also high that people don’t follow us back. So, we have to unfollow those people who are not following us back. It’s because our followers should look naturally increased. If we don’t remove the people who are not reciprocal with us, then anyone will get to know about our trick by doing a simple comparison between the number of people we are following and the number of our followers.

You may think that:

How we can check who doesn’t follow us back?
How we will unfollow those people to make followers look natural?

Both the above questions have very simple solution.

Here we’ll use an amazing tool Tweepdash.


This online tool is very simple to use and it’s very effective to check who doesn’t follow us back. We can unfollow them very easily. Let’s check how?

  1. Sign in to Tweepdash with your twitter account.

  2. Once you log in to your account, you’ll see three columns of Celebs, Fans and Friends.

  3. Look at the first column means Celebs. They are those people who are not following you back.

  4. It’s time to unfollow them. Click on Red Cross sign to unfollow them.

  5. unfollow

  6. Now at last you’ll get really targeted followers on twitter. You can gain as many followers as you want by simply following this trick.

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Final Words!

This was the complete tutorial on how to increase twitter followers instantly. I hope you’ll like my trick. Please leave your valuable comments and give your feedback about this tutorial. Keep visiting this blog because I have lot of tips and tricks to share with you. Happy Blogging!

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  1. Akhil Sharma says

    Yes nice tips but let me add one more thing to this; after getting follow back you should create a list of person’s who always follow back, so that you can share that list with your fellows and you can follow them again if you’ve mistakenly unfollowed them

    • Ankit Kumar Singla says

      Thanks a lot dear Akhil for your really nice and wonderful suggestion. I’ll definitely keep your point in my mind. Please keep sharing your views :)


    This is one of the best blog I love to read it article because it’s informative and well researched, hopefully this will help to increase my follower, and in fact I gat to try it out now

    • Ankit Kumar Singla says

      Thanks a lot dear for your appreciation. Yes this trick really works. Go and try it and surely you’ll get productive results.

  3. Victor Noah says

    Wow, very nice tips bro. I do make research solely on this topic but the result is not always impressive. Thanks for sharing bro Ankit.

  4. Hafeez Khan says

    Ha ha ha Ankit bro you have absolutely follow my thoughts which have already done. You are right if we want to increase twitter followers then we should follow other popular blogs twitters followers. Thanks for mentioning the 2nd trick i was unaware of this fact. So now we could easily do-follow them whom do not follow us. Nice trick. thumbing ups to BTT forever.

  5. Nwosu Desmond Mavtrevor says

    This is indeed an awesome way to increase one’s Twitter followers and most especially get rid of those who do not follow back, Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lily Seymour says

    That’s definitely not quality rather quantity but if that’s what people want then they should go for it, I prefer people that I can communicate with than a bunch of people I don’t know.

  7. Bishnu Subedi says

    Wow nice trick ! I am not much more active on twitter but sure i will try this to increase my followers ! Thank you for sharing ! Have a great time ahead !

  8. Ryan Biddulph says

    Super tips Ankit.

    I would to retweet folks persistently. Retweeting sends a loud, clear message to followers; you are kind.

    Kind people snag followers easily. Quickly.

    Thanks for sharing!


  9. neenasatine says

    hi there ankit. i am also using the same strategy in increasing twitter followers. but i believe twitter has set specific number of users to follow per day. i think that is 30 daily. i use twitter karma in checking those who do not follow me

  10. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan says

    I dont have too many followers. Only about 900.
    And that seems to be too small a number when I see Twitter users with followers running into millions.
    But then, I am proud of the ones I do have because they are genuine people who enjoy reading my tweets and with whom I interact regularly.
    Though it is good to have more followers, I prefer the quality over quantity.

    • says

      I do agree with you Ambika. It is good to have good number of follower but all are should be your loyal reader. Even I also prefer quality over quantity. Nice share Ankit but do you really think that people who follow other blog will follow us back and eventually they follow than what is the percentage of them who really like to read and share our tweets?

  11. Oscar says

    Sure awesome post to increase one’s twitter followers. This in turn increases your social presence and traffic to your blog.Thanks for sharing.

  12. Jithin AJ says

    nice tips but dont forget to get the list of people who follow that you can make a post out of it !

  13. Kai Sensei says

    Oh Wow I think these tips are very helpful. Will try it myself and hopefully see my twitter followers grow. :) Thanks for these tips!

  14. Nishadha Silva says

    If you’re a business and looking for targeted followers then Twitter advertising and Twitter software are two more good methods. I know some people frown at the idea of using software to increase Twitter followers, but for small business owners or anyone who’s strapped for time then this is a good option. I have discussed some of them in my article about getting Twitter followers

  15. Gautam Biswas says

    Hey Ankit,
    It is a good tips for making twitter followers with targeted followers. But addmefast, youlikehits, linkcolidor, twiends followers are not real followers. They are useless twitter bot. But it is very interesting that in freelance market place most of the Social media marketers provide this twitter bot to their clients and make money. But there is another way of getting real twitter followers. You have missed so many points and i am adding it.
    1. Join in a forum where there is your potential user.
    2. Share you twitter user name is facebook.
    3. Tell your friends that you have opened a twitter account.
    4. Email your twitter user name to the people who are your email friends.
    5. Create an auto responder with your twitter user name.


    I have discussed about making in a mega post in my blog. Ankit above all it is really a nice blog and also the post. I have enjoyed visiting your blog. Hope i will visit it again, i save a copy of your website URL in google docs.

    Have a great day, Man !!!

  16. Rizwan Shajahan says

    Are You sure THey will follow back !
    Anyway , i hope they follow back !
    And nice trick, Man –

    Regards ,
    Rizwan @ Envy Blogging

  17. Haydrion says

    Very useful, and you will write in a very natural way what I like. but about auto tweet, well I am not agree with you at that point. Of course sometimes I tweet a post from my website, but I always add some extra info in the tweet, because a auto tweet looks in my eyes a little bit spammy or like a auto bot.

  18. Muhammad Saleem says

    Hi Ankit
    I finding the way to increase my followers on twitter so here i find the best method because you just tell the simple and ideal method to get targeted twitter followers. Again thanks buddy for sharing this tip.

  19. Reginald says

    Hi Ankit,

    Thanks for sharing this. Great idea indeed t9 gain twitter followers. However, I just hate those who put follow me and I will follow back part.

    Through it really works, haha that’s annoying! :P

    Have a great evening mate.

  20. vishal fulwani says

    Hello Ankit bro
    very interesting article its awesome. This is realy working bro and its give us lots of benefit. and twitter is very big social website. But i have a question ankit bro. i was trying addmefast for increasing trafic from twitter and its work bro.

  21. vishal fulwani says

    HI bro
    i was just increasing my twitter and facebook like and after some hours i will see my blog trafic increase 50%.

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