Blogger To WordPress Migration – Horrible Issues and Problems

So, you have your full proof plan to migrate your blog from Blogger to WordPress. Well I must say, it’s a very smart move. Approx one month back, I also take the decision to choose WordPress as CMS (Content Management System) for my blog and I’m really happy with my decision.

WordPress is great and have lots of potential to reach blog up in the blog-o-sphere. If you are aware with WordPress, then I must recommend you to go with it when you plan to start a new blog. It’s simply AWESOME but you will also face some horrible issues if you migrate your blog from blogger to WP. I’m listing them below with possible solutions.

Problems After Blogger To WordPress Move

Blogger To WordPress Migration Issues
I’m listing all the issues that I face after moving my blog on WP. I’m trying to fix them as soon as possible to protect my blog from any misshapen.

1. No Featured Image

WordPress have a great option that allows users to choose featured image of their choice that they wanna show as a post thumbnail. But after importing your blogger posts to WordPress blog, there will be no featured image by default and you’ll lose the thumbnails for all of your posts.

Wordpress only shows featured images if they are hosted on your blog. Means to show your post thumbnails, you have to edit your posts. Upload the images inside the posts and set them as featured image. Only then they will appear as post thumbnail. (Really a time-wasting job – but have to do :()

2. Dead Codes

In your blogger blog posts, you may use HTML and CSS codes to highlight or to decorate your texts. This is really important to grab user’s attention towards a particular piece of text. But all those codes will be lost after moving your blog on WP.

For example:

<div style=”background-color:yellow”>Demo Text</div>

Will convert to

<div>Demo Text</div>

If you are providing codes for any widgets and plugins to your readers, then you are really going to fall in a big trouble because all of your codes will be disappeared from the post. This thing happens with me. See below screenshot.

WP issues

Codes within posts will lost :(


If you wanna apply codes then you have to add them again.

And if you wanna show codes, then you have two options.

  1. Encode your codes using this Encoder Tool before putting them into your posts.
  2. Put your codes in Visual View but not in the Text View of post editor.

3. Static Pages will be No-More

Yes, I really mean it. After moving your blog from blogger to WP, you are going to kill all of your static pages. We can import our blog posts and comments but not the static pages.

If you are using your static pages for HTML sitemap and building links to those pages, then surely you can’t afford to lose your static pages. Right?


  1. Create new pages on WordPress
  2. Redirect your blogger pages links to WP pages using Redirection plugin.

4. Duplicate Content Issues

You might be familiar that having duplicate content in blog is directly means to invite search engines to penalize your blog for duplicate content issues. This is really gonna happen with you if you are planning to move on WP.

In blogger, you might use multiple labels for single post which have no issues because labels are set to noindex for search engines, but on WordPress, all those labels will convert into categories. And having single post in multiple categories will be your biggest mistake.

You can prevent your blog from this issue using below possible solution:

  1. No index your category pages
  2. Don’t include category name in post’s permalink. Use only post name in permalinks using below custom permalink structure.


5. Unwanted Tags

Not for all posts, but you may get some unwanted and nonsense tags attached with your posts. This thing is really going to annoy you and will destroy your blog’s reputation.

Tags helps to categories the posts deeply and must be named wisely that attract readers to click. It not only make your blog navigation easy for your readers but also help to increase blog page views.

After the migration you’ll get lots of unwanted tags and those tags must be removed as soon as possible.


  1. Navigate to Posts > Tags
  2. Delete all tags from there.

If you wanna add your desired tags to all of your posts, then navigate to Posts > All Posts and then hover your mouse pointer to your post titles, click on Quick Edit and change the tags from there. This process will be lengthy and time-consuming too, :( but it’s must to take care.

6. Comments Without Avatar

In blogger, commentator’s Google plus profile image shows as Avatar in comments they leave but this is not in the case of wordpress. We have to register for an account on and have to upload our profile image there. That profile image will appear in comments as Avatar.

That means, your old comments will look ugly without any avatar. See below screenshot:

Wordpress Avatar

Comments on my blogger posts have no Avatar :(


  1. Register for an account at and upload your profile image there.
  2. Use your Gravatar account’s email id while commenting. Your avatar will show for your future comments.

If you wanna show avatar for previous comments too, then you have to edit the comments and replace blogger’s default email id ( with your Gravatar’s email id. Possibly it’s the best solution :)

7. Tons of Crawling Errors

I’m not an expert and that’s why I got a lot of crawling errors in Google Webmaster Tools account after shifting my blog content from Blogger to WordPress. There were two major crawling errors:

Comments feed errors and mobile view errors.

wordpress crawling errors

Crawling Errors in GWT :(

Actually I also don’t know how to remove these errors but truly said; as time passes, these errors are also reducing day by day. Now only 130 errors are left from 540. This improvement really feels me relax :D

8. Traffic Touches To Ground

Expert says that we don’t lose our traffic when we migrate our blog from Blogger to WordPress. But this was not happen in my case. I face decent traffic down after moving my blog on WP but within 10 days I recovered all of my traffic.

Wordpress Traffic Down

Traffic Hits the Ground and recovered super fast :D

Check out the solution to know how I recover my traffic so fast :P


Fix all the above mentioned issues as soon as possible to recover your traffic quickly. This is what I’m still also doing with my best efforts to make my blog looks great and free from any errors.


These were the most horrible issues I face after moving my blog to WP. But now I’m on a right track and improving my blog for my valuable readers.

Questions for You:

  • Do you ever migrate your blog? What issues you faced that time?
  • If you are on Blogger, then will you ever think to shift your blog on a different CMS that is WP?

Please share your views and give me your valuable feedback. Keep in touch. :)

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  1. Mohammed Yaqoob says

    Hi Ankit,

    This is the brilliant article and the really horrible problems which you’ve mentioned in the article. I think you’ve shared your own issues which you faced while migrating. Well, This is the surely help those who’re about to migrate from Blogger to WP.

    Mohammed Yaqoob.

    • says

      Hey Yaqoob,

      Yeah bro, you are right. I faced all these issues and that’s why I shared them with possible solutions.
      What you think bro? Will you migrate your blog on WP ever?
      Ankit Kumar Singla recently posted…

    • says

      Hey Yaqoob,

      Yeah bro, you are right. I faced all these issues and that’s why I shared them with possible solutions.
      What you think bro? Will you migrate your blog on WP ever?

  2. says

    This post is awesome there are various benefits of migrating blogger to wordpress so when the time is right for me i will do it. And by the way you have already provided solution so not a matter of worry for me. God bless you.

    • says

      Hey Rohan,
      Yeah bro, I’m agree with you that WP is awesome with superb benefits. And of course I’m here to assist you if you face any problem in migration.
      I wanna ask you one thing: would you like to migrate your blog after get to know about these major problems? It’ll be little annoying for you to fix all those errors. What do you think?

  3. says

    Thanks for all the information bro, I’m really have a plan to migrate my blog into wordpress,because wordpress is easy for me to optimized and easy to used, and this post will definitely help me and i make this post as a guide to my future migration..Thanks..

    • says

      Hey Adrian Lucernas,
      I’m happy bro that you found my guide worth reading. I hope it’ll be helpful for you.
      Feel free to move on WP, I’ll assist you bro.
      It’s great that using WP is easy for you but what do you think about the traffic loss and other major issues?

      • says

        Yeah bro..I’m planning to migrate if i can buy a themes,.I have some question bro..If you migrate to wordpress the hyperlink will be the same on blogger? please enlighten me..Thanks..

  4. Muhammad saleem says

    Hi Ankit,
    This is brilliant because when you experience one then you can better explain it rather then telling stories. As you faces these problem it is good for us to learn from because you can guide us better when we face same problem as you have experience. Thanks a lot for sharing your expertise.

    • says

      Hey Muhammad saleem,
      You are right bro. Writing about our own experience is what that we share by heart and in depth.
      I face these issues and that’s why I share them here with possible solutions. I hope this guide will help other movers.
      Now you are aware with such a major problems, would you like to shift your blog to WP ever? What’s your views bro?

      • Muhammad Saleem says

        Ankit, No, I have never experience it but as mostly bloggers and you are also saying that there are so many difficulties when we move from blogger to WP so I don,t want to do this because rather then doing this I preferred to start a new blog.

    • says

      Hey Gagan Masoun,

      Thanks bro for your well wishes.
      Yeah it’s was horrible for me that my traffic was down for 10 days. But after that it comes to it’s track :)
      Bro, you are using Blogger, then what do you think shifting to WP will be better for you or not?
      WP is best no doubt but if we talk about these issues, then what’s your views?

  5. says

    If we talk about these type of issues then obliviously Blogger is best. I am also thinking to shift my blog to WP. But in these days my Blog penalized by Google “Unnatural Links”. I have just removed low quality links and submitted request to webmaster tools. Waiting for reply from Google. :)

    • says

      I wish you recover your blog from this penalty as soon as possible.
      Bro, you told me that if we talk about these issues then blogger is best. Then why you are thinking to migrate your blog on WP? You know very well that if you migrate, then you have to face these issues.

  6. says

    Hi Ankit dear this is a really a great post. one time i migrated my blog from blogger to WordPress but I could not migrate my blog. many error occur in this period but now I could transfer my blog. thanks for sharing this nice post with us.

    • says

      Hey Rana
      Bro, would you like to share what type of errors you got that time?
      What was the difficulties you face and how you solve all those issues?
      Looking forward for your reply :)

  7. Kushendra says

    It is not of my subject but I can help others to solve about this problem. again thanks Ankit to share this type of informative content.

    • says

      Hey Kushendra,
      Thanks for your comment. It’ll be great if you share this post with others looking for solutions.
      Buddy, you are using wordpress, is there any issue you face using WP? Would you like to share those issues with their solutions?
      Thanks for stopping here :)

    • says

      Thanks Soumya.. :)
      Bro, you are using Blogger, then will you ever think to migrate your blog on WP after reading about the issues you have to face? It’ll be panic to resolve all the issues. What’s your views buddy?

  8. says

    You and me moved our blog at the same time on WordPress :D
    and now I am very proud that my Blog is on Wp.
    the problems i faced while Blogger to WordPress migration were:
    1. Blog was down for 2 days :(
    2. around 600+ 404 Not found error :(
    3. Lost ranking for many of my posts
    But yeah after moving to WP my traffic has been increased a lot now and also the AdSense income is also increased.
    I have to say we have a freedom feeling in WordPress and tons of themes and useful Plugins :D
    I Love WordPress

    • says

      Hey Varun,

      Yeah, I remembered bro. We both were tensed and were looking for solutions.
      Now, I’m also too happy with my WP blog :D

      Bro, please tell me how you resolve your 404 errors? and what’s about your ranking; is it back or not?
      Looking forward for your reply bro :)

      • says

        I’ll recommend you to use 404 Redirect plugin, it is really helpful.
        and yeah for many of the posts ranking are back :D it takes a bit of time to get those rankings back :D

  9. says

    This is indeed a detailed tutorial which has solved so may issues, i wished i read such a post some moths ago when i migrated a client’s site from Blogger to WordPress and had some few challenges. I will bookmark for further reference,, thanks.

  10. says

    Hi Ankit, You really mentioned the most horrible problem when moving to WordPress. I was actually looking to move my blog to wordpress but now i thought i have to do more case studies before proceed. Yes i also noticed that your some codes are missing but i was also sure that you will recover at that time. Best of luck wiht blogging.

  11. Ankur Upadhyay says

    I have started my blog on wordpress but my blog still had duplicate content. I have removed it after reading this article. Thanks for your help. Its an awesome article for bloggers that are thinking about switching from Blogger to WordPress

  12. says

    awesome article bro, i had find number of article on how to migrate blogger blog to wordpress but no one has talk about this issue, surly bro great and helping post for me…..

  13. Shameem says

    Hey Ankit yes do i agree with you which normally happens and one more thing which i would like to convey that people should choose the right platform before starting there blogging career hence it will cause you problem like you have mentioned between nice sharing

  14. Sanjeev Choudhary says

    Nice post Buddy>thanks for this post.I recently Moved my Blog On WP.My comments are not moved its shows Zero results.Before it i was using commetluv on my blog.Is that possible to move my old comments move here. Thanks in advance.

  15. Ryan Biddulph says

    No no and no Ankit LOL! I have one blogger blog and one WP blog and will keep it that way. I push myself to the limits but only in areas where I feel it worthy to devote my energy. Migrating issues are too far outside my expertise to venture toward.



  16. says

    Hi Ankit,

    I saw your updates many time on FB but never come back to visit your blog because of time constraint but as I saw this post I couldn’t resist myself to check this out. When I was learning blogging, wp etc, I migrated TechTricksWorld from blogspot to wordpress and you know what I was no knowledge of many things. I did correction of so many errors manually.

    I fix many things gradually because those are not one day work for me that time. Good post bro.

    • says

      Hello Atish Bro,
      First of all thanks a lot to visit my blog and to leave your valuable comment here.
      I’m also new to blogging and this is what I experience after migrating my blog from Blogger to WP.
      I do share all the issues to help others and I’m happy that you like my post :D
      Please keep reading my blog and leave your valuable comments.

  17. Dk Patel says

    Thank You Ankit for your Detailed post, Recently I move to WordPress from Blogger for my one Website
    Should I delete my Blogger Blog after transfer.

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