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    No doubt I have not heard about Quote it in the past Ankit. This is the first time I’m hearing about this social share boosting solution for bloggers. From the review it looks very promising to me. I will give a try to it and will be sharing the result of my experiment here.

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    Thanks ankit for this review since there are other plugins by which you can share your blog posts but good to know about more alternatives and yes it makes more valuable because its free to use and it has analytics feature which helps us to track our shares and likes So one must use this on their blog to get more traffic and sales

    Rohit Singh

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    Hi Ankit,
    Glad to see your new post. I have been checking your blog for the last two weeks and hardly saw any updates. But now while seeing your hard work as a new and elegant design, I understand it dude.
    Frankly I had no interest in reading this article first. I thought you reviewed a wordpress plug-in here. So I was not interested as a blogspot blogger. Nevertheless clicked to see what the ‘Quote it’ thing was. To my surprise a line struck me says it can also used for blogspot. It was then I returned to the top and read from the very first word. I think your introduction surely makes a superb post itself. Anyway what an awesome tool you presented here. I just began to add quotes from my last post (inspired from Harleena Mam’s blog). So this will be much useful. I am going to try it soon.
    Thank you very much bro. Looking forward to read much more.

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    Hey Ankit,

    You have reviewed an amazing product on your blog this time. If readers are having hard times finding the share buttons then Of’course you’ll be having lesser traffic. On the other hand if you have eye-catching share buttons then more users are likely to share the post.

    Quote It! seems like a great plugin and I am surely going to give it try. I’ll be recommending this to others as well.

    Do have a nice week ahead!


    – Rohit

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      Hey Virtuo,

      Yes, it is a great point bro.

      Sharing buttons must be available for readers so that they can easily share our blog posts and Quote it helps in that way.

      Now it will be easier to encourage our readers to share our hard work (blog posts) with their social media connections.

      Thanks for your comment!

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    Hello bro,

    I would say that it is a good post for the bloggers. Yes, getting good no. of social share proves our ability and yes, it helps to drive organic traffic as well.

    Thanks for reviewing, it seems good. Will try to use it for my blog to earn more social cues. Thanks for presenting this valuable post for your readers. Keep writing :)

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      Hello Nirmala Mam,

      It’s true. More social shares helps to boost social traffic and organic traffic as well. The more we’ll get social traffic and engagement on our articles, Google also rank those articles on top in search results. So, it’s very important to get more and more social shares on our blog posts.

      Thanks for adding your views. :)

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    Hiiiii Ankit,
    I heard Quote it! First time and i will try this on my blog definitely. it seems like markerly But markerly not works correctly so quote it! is the best for boosting your social presence.

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    Hello Ankit,

    Social media connects people who value each other’s opinions . It helps you rank in the search engines and allows more people to see your content.I will definitely try this plugin Quote-it to make it easier for my readers to share my content to social networks .

    Have a great day :)

    Minakshi Srivastava

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    Hi Ankit,

    Wonderful review.

    It looks an awesome plugin. I never heard about this earlier. Thanks for letting us know here about this wonderful plugin.

    I would surely try this And hope, the others will also give it a try.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Have a great day!

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    Ankit thanks for making us know about Quote it. Getting social shares is definitely important for most of the bloggers and that’s why we should always look around for such awesome plugins like Quote it. More the social shares, more the traffic we can bring to our blogs..

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    What a interesting tool you mentioned, Ankit.

    I’ve never heard about Quote it.
    You wrote a nice review, I’ll definitely check this.

    Thanks for sharing, mate.
    Have a great week.

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    Yesterday I was reading a blog that had this type of tool( unfortunately I had forget the name of that blog.). I liked that tool but due to less time and busy schedule I skipped my interest over that tool.Today I have read your post and learn about it. your post is really useful thanks for sharing. but I have one question: does it effect on our website speed?

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    Hello Ankitbhai

    In your post you mention all information above this topic and well written post so thanks for sharing this type tools

    Thanks You so much



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