How To Reduce Blog Bounce Rate?

If your blog posts are not sticky to your first time readers, then surely bounce rate of your blog will increase. Bounce rate is the biggest enemy for your blog which can ruin all its ranking from top to bottom. All major search engines specially Google hate those blogs that have too much bounce rate. It shows the weakness of a blog. If you want your blogging business at peak then start working today to reduce your blog load time. In this article I will tell you 9 best ways that you can follow to overcome this issue. You can easily won by this enemy with little efforts and can be a successful blogger to achieve your goals. Let’s go to the guide.
reduce blog bounce rate

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is simply the percentage of visitors who just enter into your blog from any source like from search engines or from any referral site, and go back without clicking on a single link. In other words if you open a blog to check its latest updated posts and you found that there is no update then surely you will go back. This will give that blog Bounce Rate.

How to Reduce Blog Bounce Rate?

There are some common mistakes that every newbie blogger did that increase their blog’s bounce rate. Let study about them and I will tell you how you can overcome from these mistakes.

Quality Content

There is a well known phrase in blogging that content is king. Yes content is always king. If you are not providing best written and unique content then why they visit your blog. Means more bounce rate. So, try to generate best quality content for your readers that will help you to increase your blog readership.

Interlink Your Older Posts

Whenever you start writing your new post, always try to interlink your old posts by using proper anchor text. It will provide more options to your readers to read your old posts. It’ll not only help you to decrease bounce rate but even it will increase your blog ranking in search engines. It’s a well known SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique. Wikipedia is the best example of this technique. Let me explain you by an example.

Interlinking is a best SEO practice.

In the above example word “SEO” is linked with our SEO page. This is called as interlinking or internal linking.

Provide Better Navigation

Always try to use better navigation system in your blog. Your readers should be able to understand your site structure. Provide them all the ways so that they can read your blog content easily. Like add categories into blog sidebar, make a sitemap page, show your blog archive etc.

Open External Links into New Tab

Sometime you need to link to external sites to provide your readers more related information. Like if you are running blogger template blog, then you surely need to add demo and download link into your blog posts. Always open these type of links into new tab. You can do this by using target=”_blank” attribute to your hyperlinks like the below example.

<a href=”Page URL” target=”_blank”>Anchor Text</a>

If you are on Blogger then you can use automatic way to open all of your external links into new tab. Check out below post.

Check: Open All External Links into New Tab in Blogger

Show Post Summary

Use read more link on your blog Homepage and labels page to show only post summary. Don’t show your full length post. If the post will be of reader’s interest then he/she has to click the link to read full article. That means you beat your enemy means bounce rate. Cheers!

If you don’t know how to use read more in your blog then look at below post.

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Show Your Popular Posts

Popular posts widget in blog sidebar plays a very important role to decrease blog load time. It shows the trendy posts of a blog and encourage the readers of read those posts also. If you are using blogger’s default popular posts widget in your blog then remove it and add our stylish popular post widget that shows a stylish and beautiful rounded image along with post title and summary that will attract the visitors.

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Faster Loading Time

Think if you visit a blog and it takes too much time to load then what will you do? You will surely wait for 3-5 seconds then go to another place for the information. Right?

This is same for all. Every reader wants to a site to read that give them faster loading experience. Try to reduce your blog load time. Our 9 tips can help you in this matter just read the below post.

Show Related Posts

Give value to your readers. They come to your blog for information. If they finish reading article and there will no more information then surely they will go back. Always provide them more relevant or related information. To do this you can show your related posts at the end of the post. There are lot of related posts widget but why go for dull and nasty looking widgets. Try our very nifty and stylish related posts gadget that is really eye catching and attention grabbing. It will not even help you to reduce bounce rate of your blog but also increase your blog page views and blog traffic.

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Final Words

Here I tried my best to provide you some tips and tricks that you can use to protect your blog bounce rate from increasing. This is the thumb rule of SEO. Always try your best to provide best content to your readers. If they like your content then surely will give you credit for that by sharing the content with their friends. Thanks for your precious time to read my article. Happy Blogging :)

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  3. Ankit Kumar Singla

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    Most welcome bro! These are the well known tips which really helps to reduce bounce rate of blog. You must try these.

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    Bro I already request you to ask your queries on related posts. I will be happy to solve your queries there.
    Open external links is that when you insert a link of any other site, like download link, then on click it will open into new tab. That will help you to decrease your blog bounce rate.

  8. Rohan Mod

    i heard it that bounce rate should be under 50% at least to get rid of google panda. My personal opinion is that widget also plays a role in reducing bounce rate because they engage the user for longer time on the website along with strong internal link embedding also reduces bounce rate.your tips will help me more to engages user for more time on my website to reduce the bounce rate.thanks you very much ankit bhai for those tips these will help me a lot.

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