How To: Get More Twitter Followers for Free?

Do you have a twitter account for your blog, brand or business?

Do you want to increase your twitter followers?

Then this guide will be worth reading for you πŸ˜‰

Building solid social media presence not only help us to get traffic but it also give best exposure to our blog. Having likes, tweets, plus ones etc. on our blog posts makes them more trustworthy for search engines and they get ranked at higher positions in search results.

And this is only possible with great social signals and targeted fans/followers who like and share our blog posts within their social media networks.

Earlier I had discussed a killer trick to increase facebook fans that was appreciated by my beloved readers. So, today I bring some really amazing ways to get more targeted twitter followers. Let’s move ahead to learn about these ways.

Increase Your Twitter Followers For Free

Get more twitter followers
If you ever tried some online tools like addmefast, youlikehits, linkcolidor, twiends etc to get more followers, then let me tell you that those people are not the real followers. They are only useless twitter followers increased using bots.

In freelance market place, most of the gigs provide such fake twitter followers to their clients to make some bucks. I highly recommend you not to ever buy followers. You’ll not get any exposure from them.

If you really want to attract targeted audience to follow you on twitter, then must try below ways:

1. Join Forums Where There Are Your Potential Users

There are many targeted users on forum sites. Join forums under your niche, reply to users’ queries and promote your twitter handle there to get really targeted followers. Make use of Question Answers sites like Yahoo Answers and solve users queries there. After giving few helpful replies, you will be able to put your link in the signature column beneath each of your reply. You can either put your twitter handle there or blog link to get traffic to your blog.

2. Share Your Twitter Username

Make use of your other social media profiles to share your twitter profile link. Ask your friends and followers to follow you on twitter. Better to follow them back. Interact with them to get maximum retweets and build a solid social media presence there.

Facebook and Google+ both can be used very wisely to gain really targeted twitter followers. Put your twitter handle on your facebook fan page and Google+ profile and your followers will like to follow you on twitter as well. Hence you will get more twitter followers for free with no extra efforts.

3. Connect with Other Bloggers and Build Relations

Many bloggers just create their twitter account and start tweeting their blog posts. They never ever think who will retweet their blog posts without having any followers. You must need to first build relations with other bloggers. It is the fastest way to attract more audience to your twitter profile.

You can also opt for Mouth Publicity. Yes, either it’s not the fastest way to gain followers but it really works. Ask your friends to follow and you also follow them back. I found it the best way to increase twitter followers.

4. Put Twitter Handle in Email Signature

If you have an email list then add your twitter profile link in the signature. Your subscribers will love to connect with you on twitter too.

We usually send emails to our friends, relatives, business members, clients etc. Why not to convert them into your followers. Send them an email and request to follow you on twitter. It is one of the simplest methods to get more twitter followers.

5. Create An Auto Responder With Your Twitter User Name

If your blog readers send messages from your contact form, then chances are higher to convert them into your followers. Setup an auto responder to your contact email id with thank you message and add your social profile links there. Politely ask them to follow you on twitter and they will love to do so.

Also make a “Thank you” page on your blog for your blog subscribers. Whenever any reader subscribe to your blog, redirect them on that thank you page. Your social profile links must be there. It will work as Call-To-Action for them and surely you’ll see significant improvements in your twitter followers count.

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If you want to make your blog successful, and earn money by attracting advertisers to your blog then start increasing your social media fans and followers. Only they are the real and targeted audience that can help you to maintain your blog readership.

I hope my suggestions will help you to increase your twitter followers. You can start by following me on twitter and I’ll follow you back if I like your shared posts. If you have more to add on this subject then kindly share your thoughts in the comments.

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Nwosu Desmond

Just like publishing quality content to attract loyal subscribers same applies to Twitter, tweet useful and important posts and naturally people who are interested will follow you easily. The type of content you tweet will determine the people that will follow you.

    Ankit Singla

    Yeah Dear, you are absolutely right.
    Our tweets are the only thing that attract new followers.
    Tweeting worth reading articles help us to retain traffic from social media sites as well as followers too πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for your nice comment here.


I have been doing promoting on twitter, but still there is no luck. Maybe I did not do it right. Nevertheless, thank you so much because now I know what to do. Thanks a lot for sharing this post! :)


Nice post bro. Getting followers and getting targetted followers has a difference. These days, just for the sake of number people use cheap services to buy twitter followers and they are really un-targetted audience.

Filling out a detailed bio with originality and putting a follow widget may also help in getting some followers.


    Ankit Singla

    Hello Ambarish bro, first of all thanks for your comment here.
    Yes you are right, we must focus on targeted followers, nut just to maximize the numbers.
    Targeted followers will give us more benefits, traffic and retweets too :)

    Thanks a lot dear for your best wishes πŸ˜€


Hey Ankit,
Thanks for the detailed information about increasing the twitter followers. I will certainly follow them. There are some dofollow people who actually follows you back.
Keep up the good work and keep sharing valuable content

Hafeez Khan

Bro by Joining forums how could we get the advantage of twitter followers. If there someone likes us then they will look up our profile on that forum. how they will reach to our twitter profile or we have to put our link in answering mode.

    Ankit Singla

    Hafeez bro, first we must try to solve user’s queries there. Build relations with them and then be smart to convert them into your targeted followers.

    You can either put your username in the comments but don’t make it promotional and only share username not the link.
    It’ll enforce the readers to follow you on twitter after reading your helpful replies. :)
    Best of luck bro!


Good post Ankit :)

Thanks for writing about twitter. Am not using any tools to multiple my followers.

But will follow the genuine ways which you’ve listed here.

Keep sharing the useful stuffs Bro :)

    Ankit Singla

    Hello Nirmala Mam,
    Thanks for commenting here.
    Use of tool to multiply the figures is only a waste of time.
    We must focus of quality ways to get really targeted followers.
    I wish these tips work for you :)

Suresh Khanal

All of them are working tips, and here, I’d like to add one more in the list.

To earn more targeted twitter followers, you should decide which is the focus word in your message and then make that word a hash tag. Twitting with relevant and more searched hash tags, you’ll find your followers are increased quickly and also they are targeted.

    Ankit Singla

    Hello Suresh Sir,
    Thanks a lot for this awesome tip.
    From now I’ll definitely use this way and hope to get productive results. :)

Ryan Biddulph

Simple and actionable tips Ankit!

You reminded me to promote my twitter handle more frequently.

Thanks dude!

    Ankit Singla

    Thanks Ryan for your appreciation :)

    Yes we all should promote our social media links to get more traffic and fans from there.

    And we must have to promote it ourselves, if we promote then others will also help us to promote our social links. πŸ˜‰
    Great to see you here!

Dhiraj Das

Nice article, very simple and actionable methods, finding and following people of your niche also helps to a certain extent as some % of those people will follow you back.

    Ankit Singla

    Hello Dhiraj,
    Thanks for commenting here.
    Yes, finding business related people and making relation with them is the best strategy to learn and grow in the market. πŸ˜‰

Zafar Ahmad

Good post Ankit..I am sure these tips will help us all boosting their twitters followers count. I had tried your previous trick for the same using tweepdash, it helped me..Keep it up.. :)


I appreciate your post here. So many Twitter accounts have 10,000’s of followers but the user’s poss never get any RT’s or Replies. Its clear it’s fake, and it makes them look bad. You’ve advised a lot of solid methods…everyone is looking for a quick fix now. It is worth it in the end to wait and build a real, solid, Twitter following.

Mohammed Yaqoob

WOW! It was an awesome guide to increase the twitter followers. Social media subscribers also plays a vital role in blogging and we must collect the good number of subscribers. Simply, This guide will help in increasing twitter followers. Thanks!


I have been doing promoting on twitter, but still there is no luck. Maybe I did not do it right. Nevertheless, thank you so much because now I know what to do. Thanks a lot for sharing this post! :)

Rana Irfan

Of course we can easily increase twitter followers through these tricks. I found these tips most effective. Separately through email is the best way to promote twitter account. And I think through forums and question answer site. We can also increase our followers. Any way all the points are so good and useful. Thanks for sharing such nice tip for us.

Piyush Mathur

Hi Ankit,

I agree with you, i just recently started using Twitter, and got completely addicted to Hash tags. Also, found out how people keep adding hundreds of new followers with #followme hash tags.

Yah, getting “fast followers” will never get you real people that actually contribute.



Hi Ankit,

Very nice post man. I was relying on Facebook for social media traffic for my blog but now I am looking for building my Twitter community.

Though, I am applying all the tips you have mentioned in the post but there’s one more thing I’d like to add.

Twitter Bio, It plays a very important role when It comes to attracting new followers. If we write our Twitter Bio intelligently. For instance, let’s say you you will be sharing content about Blogging then you should have the keyword blogging in your Twitter Bio. Then, you will have followers who are willing to read about blogging. I hope it helps.


Hi Ankit brother,
What an awesome post..! Twitter no doubt the most valued social media. We need more followers to show advertisers or users that we are big. Getting twitter followers is tough when compared to facebook likes. You surely done some great job here.

Thanks for sharing such useful ways to get more targeted twitter followers.

Sanjay Choubey

Ankit broo I am agree with you. Increasing followers with tools and online sites are just wastage of time. I seen 99% of those profiles are fake. 10 genuine followers are better from 1000 fake followers. Thanks for tricks.

Amit Sihan

Hi dear
very amazing article you have written about twitter followers, too much knowledge able. I hope these tricks will support me to increase my followers. thanks fro share with us.

Rohit Singh

Nice post ankit, but really I want to tell one thing that gaining targeted followers is most vital because they are real followers and readers for you blog and also one tip I would like to give is that don’t go for paid twitter followers they are useless and non targeted

Akshay Hallur

Great post, Ankit. Participating in forums where potential users reside is a great way to gain more Twitter followers. I would also like to add that following the followers of authoritative personas in your niche is also a great way.


Simple and super tips Ankit Bro. Getting followers from forum is new for me. all of these tips are helpful.
Thanks for write such an awesome article. 

Saurabh Kumar

Nice tips…was using some online tools but that was not useful..thanks again will try these methods.

Niladri Chatterjee

Hey Ankit,

Thanks for sharing such tremendous tips to increase my twitter followers. I agree with what your said about the sites like Addmefast etc. I believe that 5 targeted followers are better than 100 fake followers :)


Hey Ankit,

Great post man. I just started a new Twitter handler and can’t wait to see it grow! And your tips? Comes in very handy!

Keep it up man.


You have mentioned some great points, on the other hand you have to share great info regularly to increase your targeted twitter followers.

BTW thanks Ankit for this great stuff :)


Hello Ankit,
Thanks for these awesome tips to get more Twitter followers for free. You mention here some unique idea and hope those idea will works. Going to try all of your tips to increase my Twitter follower.

Nithin Upendran

Yea i agree with you targeted audience is required.

Ankit Singla

Rizwan bro, all social media sites are effective to gain exposure to blog.
I recommend you to join twitter, tweet your interesting posts and try to get maximum retweets.
Also join JustRetweet. It’ll help you to increase number of tweets on your posts.. :)


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