10 Best High-Paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers 2017

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from your blog.

It pays far more than ads and doesn’t require any monetary investment from your side.

Sounds great, right?

But here’s the truth about Affiliate Marketing: It can be a real pain in the ass to find high-paying affiliate programs.


Because you need to find a product that:

  • Has an affiliate program
  • Your audience needs
  • And is high-quality

So, I compiled a list of the best High-Paying Affiliate Programs out there that will fit your blog like a glove.

These are the products I promote myself on BTT and not only does my audience love them, but I also make a handsome amount of money promoting them.

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10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers 2017

Are you looking for some effective AdSense alternatives for monetizing your blog?

AdSense has a good potential for earning if your traffic is from the western countries or has a good number of visitors.

However, you might want to have some other sources of income that can earn you a good amount other than AdSense on your blog.

If your AdSense is banned or you are in a niche that doesn’t get approval by AdSense, this article will help you with similar and even better-earning streams.

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Top 7 Best Domain Registrar For Bloggers 2017

Looking for the best domain registrar to register your website name?

Domain registrars hold great importance because they help you lock your online business/presence name.

There are a dime a dozen places where you can buy your domain names, and they come with a variety of pricing, services offered and hidden costs.

Therefore, you should consider a set criteria to choose the perfect domain vendor for your website.

In this article, I’ll list 7 best registrars that you can buy your domains from.


Before we dive into the registrar list, let us first discuss a few important things related to domain registrars.

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WPX Hosting Discount – 50% Off The First Month’s Cost

WPXHosting Order Summary

Website hosting is one of the key factors that decides your blog's credibility both for users and search engines.

A rather low-cost and shared hosting can lead to bad audience impression (with downtime and slow loading pages) which in turn can trigger you into the bad books of Google.

That is why I personally use and recommend dedicated hosting services to host and scale your business blogs. I use WPX Hosting which is by far the best hosting in terms of user experience and performance.

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Social Media Best Practises: Get More Social Media Traffic & Save 20+ Hours Monthly

Do you spend too much time marketing and sharing your blog posts on social media, still with negligible results?

Are you looking for a social media strategy that will bring you more targeted traffic and even save your time?

A lot of us spent nearly 2 hours daily (considering 30 minutes on each social platform, if you focus on 4 social media networks), in want of likes, shares, retweets and traffic back to our sites. This is nearly equal to 60 hours per week.

Isn’t that huge time waste?

And, most of the time you get unrelated traffic to your site thereby increase bounce rates and lowering sales and ad CPC.

If you want to drive targeted traffic and still save time in social media marketing, I have come up with a social media plan that saves you at least 50 hours a month that is equal to 8 working days (approx.).

Ready to save time?

Let’s start!

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