10 Best High-Paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers 2017

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from your blog.

It pays far more than ads and doesn’t require any monetary investment from your side.

Sounds great, right?

But here’s the truth about Affiliate Marketing: It can be a real pain in the ass to find high-paying affiliate programs.


Because you need to find a product that:

  • Has an affiliate program
  • Your audience needs
  • And is high-quality

So, I compiled a list of the best High-Paying Affiliate Programs out there that will fit your blog like a glove.

These are the products I promote myself on BTT and not only does my audience love them, but I also make a handsome amount of money promoting them.


The Top 10 High Paying Affiliate Programs

Grammarly Affiliate Program

If you haven’t heard of Grammarly yet, it’s one of the best Grammar Checking tools available online.

Grammarly is based on a freemium model. There’s a free version that offers less features, and then there’s a premium version.

Essential Info:

  • Earning Potential: $20/sale
  • Promotion Difficulty: Easy
  • Cookie Duration: 90 Days
  • Signup: Here

The best part about Grammarly affiliate program?

It pays you even for the free users you send their way.

While you will receive a $20 commission when users upgrade, you will also receive a $0.20 commission when they signup.

Not only that but because Grammarly’s target customers are literally everyone, you can promote it to all types of audiences.

It’s a high-quality product that will add a TON of value to your readers’ life.

If you are creative enough, you can receive a $25 bonus just for placing a banner and writing a post on your blog about Grammarly.


  • Offers a generous 90-day cookie window.
  • Can be promoted to almost all types of audiences.
  • Offers regular cash bonuses based on your performance.
  • Allows you to offer exclusive discounts to your audience if you are a top performing affiliate.
Studiopress-themes affiliate program

StudioPress by Copyblogger is one of the best WordPress theme developers out there.

Genesis Framework, offered by StudioPress, is one of the most popular theme frameworks available for WordPress.

Essential Info:

  • Earning Potential: $150/sale
  • Promotion Difficulty: Medium
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Days
  • Signup: Here

Not only that, but top bloggers like Neil Patel and Darren Rowse use themes developed by StudioPress.

It offers high-quality WordPress themes that are optimized for Speed and SEO.

And being a well-known WordPress theme company makes it easier to promote to your audience.

StudioPress Affiliate Program offers a simple commission structure: 35% commission for every Genesis Framework and Theme sale.

A $75 commission for every StudioPress Site you refer.

If you bring in more than 11 sales a month, you will receive $150 per sale.


  • Well-known Theme Developer that offers high-quality WordPress themes that your readers will love.
  • Promoting it will only increase your credibility.
  • A long 60-day cookie window.
  • An earning potential of upto $150 per sale if you can bring in more than 11 sales a month.
elegant themes affiliate program

Elegant Themes is one of the most popular WordPress theme developers.

Their affordable membership offers high-quality, beautiful themes that are optimized for conversions.

Divi, their most popular product, is a drag and drop builder used by many professional bloggers.

Essential Info:

  • Earning Potential: $125/sale
  • Promotion Difficulty: Medium
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown
  • Signup: Here

Ease of promotion and adding value to your readers are just a few benefits of promoting Elegant Themes.

Their Affiliate Program offers a 50% recurring commission.

That means you will get paid every time your referrals renew their subscription.


  • Recurring commission - You receive a 50% commission on every renewal of their subscription.
  • A well-known theme developer that your audience will love and won’t hurt your credibility.
MyThemeShop affiliate program

Matthew Woodward, Zac Johnson, and ShoeMoney are just a few of the professional bloggers who trust MyThemeShop.

MyThemeShop offers beautiful themes optimized for speed and SEO.

Their affiliate program offers 70% commission on all theme and subscription sales.

Essential Info:

  • Earning Potential: $244/sale
  • Promotion Difficulty: Medium
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Days
  • Signup: Here

That means you can make a commission of $244 per sale if your referrals buy a subscription.

If you want to test the quality of their products, you can sign up for their free tier plan which allows you to try their free products. 


  • Promote a well-known, reputable brand that many professional bloggers like Matthew Woodward love.
  • A generous 60-day cookie duration.
  • Over 80 High-Quality products to promote.
  • An earning potential of up to $244 per sale on subscriptions.
thrivethemes Affiliate Program

Thrive Themes is one of the best-selling WordPress developers on the internet.

It is a brand trusted by professionals like Philip Shaw and John Lee Dumas.

They are the creators of popular WordPress plugins like Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Landing Pages and Thrive Leads.

Essential Info:

  • Earning Potential: $73/sale
  • Promotion Difficulty: Medium
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown
  • Signup: Here

Their high-quality products are known for high conversion rates.

They also offer high-quality, beautifully designed WordPress themes along with their well-know plugins.

When you promote Thrive Themes, you can be sure about the quality of the products and the value it will add to your readers’ lives.

Their affiliate program offers not only a 50% commission for every sale, but it also offers a 25% recurring commission every time your referral renews their subscription.


  • A reputable brand trusted by professional bloggers like John Lee Dumas.
  • Receive a 50% per sale commission and a 25% recurring commission.
  • Promote high-quality products that you know your readers will love.
HostGator affiliate program

If you are a blogger, I am pretty sure you are well aware of HostGator.

It is one of the top Web Hosting providers on the internet.

If you haven’t heard of HostGator yet, it’s an award-winning web hosting company that offers high-quality web hosting services at really affordable prices.

Essential Info:

  • Earning Potential: $125/sale
  • Promotion Difficulty: Easy
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown
  • Signup: Here

It’s been in business since 2002.

Being a well-known, reputable, trusted brand, it’s easy to promote HostGator.

They offer Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting along with awesome support.

With plans starting as low as $3.95 per month, HostGator is one of the most affordable web hosting providers on the internet.


  • Offers tools to create custom coupon codes for your readers.
  • If you can get more than 21 sales per month, you can receive up to $125 per sale.
  • Promote a well-reputed brand trusted by thousands of bloggers worldwide.
  • Offers very affordable web hosting services.
Dreamhost Affiliate Program

Started in 1997, DreamHost is one of the top Web Hosting providers trusted by hundreds of thousands of bloggers.

It’s an award-winning host that hosts over 1.5 million websites.

They offer all types of web hosting services including WordPress, Dedicated and Shared Hosting.

Essential Info:

  • Earning Potential: $120/sale
  • Promotion Difficulty: Medium
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown
  • Signup: Here

They also offer an easy-to-use drag and drop website builder.

It’s a well-known brand trusted by professional bloggers like Jeremiah of TypeWolf.com.

If you want to offer your readers a web hosting service that will help them get started within minutes, DreamHost is the way to go.


  • A reputable brand hosting more than a million websites and trusted by thousands of bloggers.
  • A high earning potential of up to $120 per sale.
  • Offers 100% uptime guarantee and an awesome 24/7 support.
Siteground affiliate program

Trusted by professional bloggers like Syed Balkhi, SiteGround is one of the most trusted Web Hosting providers.

They are known for providing high-quality, secure, high-speed, performance optimized web hosting services at very affordable prices.

Essential Info:

  • Earning Potential: $125/sale
  • Promotion Difficulty: Medium
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown
  • Signup: Here

They offer amazingly fast support that will help your readers fix problems with their websites within minutes.

Their affiliate program is similar to HostGator.

If you can get over 21 sales a month, you will receive up to $125 per sale.

Not only that, they even offer a free 7-day trial account you can use to test their services out before promoting them.

This gives you a chance to test the quality of the services provided yourself.


  • Promote a well-reputed web hosting brand known for their amazing support and performance-optimized hosting services.
  • A high earning potential of up to $125 per sale if you bring in more than 21 sales a month.
  • Get a free 7-day trial account to test the services yourself before promoting them.
GetResponse Affiliate Program

GetResponse is a well-known and well-trusted all-in-one marketing platform used by thousands of professional bloggers.

It offers tools for Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Landing Page Creation and Webinar Hosting.

Their most basic plan starts at a very affordable price of $15 per month.

Essential Info:

  • Earning Potential: $264/sale
  • Promotion Difficulty: Medium
  • Cookie Duration: 120 Days
  • Signup: Here

Their affiliate program offers a 33% recurring commission on every sale you send their way. That means you will get paid for every renewal of their subscription.


  • Promote a high-quality product trusted by thousands of professional bloggers.
  • Receive a 33% recurring commission on every subscription renewal.
  • A really high earning potential of $264 per sale.
semrush affiliate program

SEMRush is a well-reputed all-in-one marketing tool used by professionals like Ian Cleary of RazorSocial and Aaron Wall of SEOBook.

It is the secret weapon you can offer your readers to help them boost their website rankings and grow their revenue.

It is one of the best marketing tools out there. It offers tools to improve your SEO, Paid Traffic, Content Marketing, PR and Social Media Marketing.

Essential Info:

  • Earning Potential: $160/sale
  • Promotion Difficulty: Hard (being a high-priced product)
  • Cookie Duration: 10 Years
  • Signup: Here

Promoting this product will not only improve your credibility but will also add tons of value to your readers.

Their affiliate program offers a 40% recurring commission.

That means you will receive a commission every time your referrals renew their subscription.


  • A high-quality product that will help your readers increase their website traffic and grow their revenue.
  • Receive a 40% recurring revenue on every subscription renewal.
  • A high earning potential of up to $160 per sale.
  • Offers a 10-year long cookie duration.


I hope this extensive list of the best affiliate programs helps you.

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, I would suggest you to start with just one product and then one by one start promoting the other products.

Trying to promote all the products at once is a sure recipe for disaster unless you really know what you are doing.

If you have any feedback or ideas, let me know in the comments.

And before you leave, answer the following questions:

What do you think is the best program in this list?

What is your favorite method of promoting an affiliate product?

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Vijaygopal Balasa

Thanks bro for providing such a interesting Affliate programs. Yes, I liked this article a lot. But, you forgot to mention Blogbing webhosting . Which I was Earning from past 2 months from them. They are also paying 40% commission on each sale.

Astro Joseph

Really wonderful list of Affiliates Programs. I am getting started with SEMRush and a few Web Hosting Affiliate program. Hope I can succeed in it.

Astro K Joseph

vikash kumar

Thank you so much for the list. Nice list of a Top affiliate program. Grammarly is good to go with.

Fakharuddin Manik

Only Amazon Affiliate is best for me.

Abhishek Jain

Elegant Themes are working well for me and I would like to test other themes. Apart from this can you suggest some other theme affiliates that can pay well?

Suhail alam

Tell me how to start affiliate marketing give me good reference bcz I m newbies

Sohal Gupta

Thanks for sharing ✌✌

Prosper Noah

Well, all you’ve mentioned here are cool but actually depends on your niche.

For example; the blogger who is on news/entertainment niche may not actually find interest.

But those on the Blogging Niche would find this handy especially the themes and webhosting affiliate programs.

Thanks alot for sharing such a wonderful information.

The Blogging Arena

Hi, Ankit! Very nice post indeed! 😀
You’ve mentioned very nice products but can you tell me that should we promote multiple products of the same category? For ex- In this list, there are many themes provider so which one should I use and can I use them together?
Thanks 🙂

Bright Joe

Bro, I think I should start affiliate marketing. Gonna try out the HostGator affiliate program, as it’s a web hosting company which people might buy. Thanks for sharing this list! 😀


Very nice article on affiliate products. Another question if you don’t mind, why you write lengthier articles. Is there any benefit from this type of articles?


Treathyl Fox

My KSAs (knowledge, skills and abilities) are not advanced enough to implement these tips and tricks. But in future, I will likely be able to apply for some of these affiliate programs. Applying is the easy part. Figuring out the best way to promote is somewhat more complicated. Bookmarked this site for future reference and to click on the links supplied via this post. Since you have supplied this valuable information, it’s only right that you receive proper credit for it.


I used to work with eBay as this allowed to find products directly derived from post title, which my readers appreciated very much (it’s a gardening site with mostly plant species, they could click directly to find plants and seeds of that species).

Then I implemented structured data & AMP and in order to have a search function, I needed to implement https.

That’s when eBay didn’t display anymore… insecure connection.

Tested with Amazon and TradeTracker, same thing: insecure connection, code not displayed.

Since the visits doubled almost overnight after implementing structured data & AMP and a search function is essential, I will not revert back from https to http.

So for the moment I’m stuck with AdSense and planning on testing a few other affiliate programs. As much as I appreciate your suggestions for affiliate programs, they are not interesting for my readers.


Hi Ankit,
First of all many thanks for this amazing compilation.
I’ve been using the following programs to make a living.
1. MyThemeShop.
2. Payoneer.
3. Themeforest.
4. Hostgator.

Hope you’ll like & give some advice & ideas on this list.

aziz benhaida

Great and i like to add clickfunnel group, great program and a lot of options

nekraj bhartiya

Can you tell me what does the unknown means in cookie section?
BTW Nice post without any useless info. Easy to understand and point to point info.
I just finished it within 1 minutes.

Pankaj kumar

Dear ankit,
Good information given on affiliate marketing.

Ichhya Khadka

Very helpful information on “affiliate marketing”. But this is selected company only. There are tons of company who are looking “Marketer/promoter” for their products.
In my case, I was tired with “CPC, CPM, RPM” type ads. Their rate and support was never favourable to “South Asian readers” except India.
But you didn’t wrote what did they think for Our territory?
Can you help me?
Thanks for informative blogs, as ever.

Ahmad Sayeed

Hey Ankit, every product mentioned in this article are trustable. I do use SiteGround server. Grammarly. SEMRush and StudioPress themes. Their products are damn awesome. I am planning to promote web host.


Hello, Ankit Sir,
The article is amazing but I think you the cookies period you haven’t mention for Hostgator, Dreamhost has 60 days as per my knowledge What you think?


Maybe rename the title as ‘Best Blogging Niche Affiliate Programs’. There are better affiliate programs than these in other niches.

Nevil Patel

This list is great. Did you try any affiliate programs in Software niche (i.e. anti-virus, data recovery)? I would like to know.

Aryan Raj

Great List Ankit, You forget to include Themeisle, Wondershare Software Co. , Wpengine etc. in your list 🙂

However, nice share for new bloggers.

Thank you..

Gagan Masoun

Hello Ankit,

You always come with an excellent blog post. This will help bloggers who are thinking that they can make huge amount of money with Adsense. They should move to Affiliate Marketing to make great $$$. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog post.

~Gagan Masoun

Alok Rana

Hey Ankit,

I am just getting my step into Affiliate marketing hope to get something good out of it. You have mentioned some great affiliate programs here as far as I can tell by their commission.

Will try them out for my blog. Will see how it goes.



This by far is the best post from you. I don’t know how an affiliate program works though I am affiliated with Amazon and Cuelinks .


Thank you very much Ankit,

Your list is verify and trustable, some product is popular like studiopress, elegantthemes, grammarly, thrivethemes.

Thank you again!


Excellent informative article indeed. I have signed up for Studiopress Affiliate now & will try experimenting it alongwith Amazon bounty program that I run on my Product Review Website. Hope to generate additional money from this concept. Thank you very much.

Gaurav Verma

I am not able to choose the right product to promote in my blogging niche. Can u tell me what product is best for blog my blog niche

Gagan Kamboj

nice article bro ..
i have one question how can i get affiliate of godaddy?? there is no affiliate section in godaddy’s site


Yes, I would like to affiliate for godaddy but can’t find an option 🙁 Still I would go with hostgator 😀

Dheeraj Singh

Great list of Affiliate Network. I have a tech niche site, which product will be good to promote on my site or should I create a new site for Affiliate?

Luthfar Rahman

Hello Ankit,
Thanks for the best affiliate programs. Recently I update a blog in online and decided to build this blog for make money online with an affiliate. And finally, i get your post. Now I just follow this post for my online business. Hopefully, you will help me best for the next time with the more important guide as like it. If you have another guide for affiliate please provide me.

Best Regards,
Luthfar Rahman


Hi Ankit

These are great affiliate programs to join but they are mostly digital products/services. There are really good products on Amazon that don’t have high commission rates but because of thier price,a sale will still get a high payout.
I’m thinking of things like drones,luxury mattresses,lawn mowers etc.


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