Bluehost WordPress Review and 5 Extra Bonuses

If you are starting a website or blog for a serious purpose and not just for fun, I advise you to start a WordPress blog because other platforms like blogger don’t really give you the right for your own content. They can be taken down at any moment without prior notice. So, to be on the safe side WordPress is the preferred platform.

In order to enjoy all your rights, you need to host the site on servers. WordPress officially recommends Bluehost, which itself speaks for the hosting company. Today I am sharing my honest Bluehost review.

Having associated in the WordPress arena, I have used various hosting services and at last settled on Bluehost. Being a blogger myself, I know the importance of the site security, site loading time and available resources for running a site smoothly. In this review, I will share why I recommend Bluehost to you, rather than other hosting services.

Introducing Bluehost (Bluehost background):

about bluehostBluehost, the award winning hosting service, has started in 1996 and has completed nearly 20 years of business. Any cheap and untrusted business will never last for a longer time.

If a business thrives for a longer time it shows people value the services it provides and the credibility it has built over the years. Over these two decades, Bluehost has received and managed the trust of numerous people and businesses.

Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress when you sign up for a blog at, what could be a better testimonial. Don’t believe it? Check here.

We will review Bluehost in terms of the four aspects that should be there in an ideal hosting service.

#1 Features

a) Reliable and affordable:
Bluehost comes for as low as 3.49$ which can easily be invested by most bloggers, even if they are just starting. It is the best for the beginners who cannot spend enough on other premium hosting services.
bluehost pricing
Saying this, I would also like to say it has the best in class facilities that every small business needs. Not only WordPress, Bluehost is best suited to host your drupal, or Joomla blog also.

b) You get a free domain name:
For startups, Bluehost offers a domain for free which is a great deal. Though Bluehost has recently introduced the VPS or dedicated hosting services that is not what we need for running an average blog so we will leave it for some other discussion.

In the basic hosting packages, Bluehost offers you the facilities to host unlimited domains, unlimited sub-domain, and unlimited file transfer too, Did I mention it is for as low as 3.49$ per month.

If you are a business, the subdomains will help you classify sections of your business for easy management. You also get another feature of the ability to create 2500 personalized emails on the domain which is more than enough for any user.

c) One click install: (the hustle free installation for non-coders)
If you are a new WordPress user you can rest assured with the one click install facility Bluehost provides which gives you the option to start a website within just 2-3 minutes.

d) Get ready-made professional themes:
If you are not a programmer or cannot invest much for premium themes Bluehost offers WYSIWYG feature that has readymade templates for getting started. If you still need something more professional ask me for a free WordPress installation.

#2 Reliability

Bluehost has successfully handled over 2 million websites in its business span of over 17 years. This is something that we don’t see with a cheap service. Bluehost, unlike other hosting services that I have used, rarely shows downtime of server errors. I have been using Bluehost myself and at least I can vouch for its reliability. It’s been good being associated with the company.

They always have the latest version of php and mysql which is what we should look in a good host.

The point that Bluehost permits unlimited bandwidth and unlimited files transfer is also a factor that I recommend it to my readers. The unlimited is not actually unlimited but I can say that you can’t even complete at least half of what they provide. For more you can refer their fair usage policy here.

#3 Cost and customer satisfaction

Bluehost might seem to be charging a penny more than its competitor, but is provides authentic service and quality hosting. It also offers you about 100$ of Adwords coupon that you can use to get noticed and drive traffic to your newly found blog.

Moreover, Bluehost is also providing you cPanel which is one of the best ways to handle your system and hosting. It’s just as easy as doing something on your WordPress dashboard. It’s not that Bluehost is the only one providing cPanel, many others also provide cPanel. But overall customer satisfaction is one I got on Bluehost.

#4 Service after purchase

In a business, it’s your customers who you should value rather than their purchases. Bluehost believes that its relationship with you does not end after the purchase of the product but rather it starts from that point.

They have an overall good customer support. Apart from the customer support via live chat and email they also have a toll-free number for the Indian customers. Bluehost has been awarded the best support award consecutively for five years, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.
Sign Up for Bluehost and start your own WordPress blog.

P.S. The link to the service given in this post is my affiliate link, which means I will get a small commission if you intend to buy the service from my link. But this does not mean that you will pay anything extra. So, in case you are buying it from the link above, I thank you for your indirect help. I appreciate your help in supporting my online business. This will only enable me to serve you with more useful stuff.

Your 5 extra bonuses:

If you buy Bluehost hosting from my link, I will give you 5 extra bonuses:

  1. WordPress Installation
  2. One premium Genesis Theme.
  3. Setting up your WordPress blog including all necessary plugins
  4. Blog SEO Settings
  5. Email Marketing setup.

To get your bonuses, contact me after buying bluehost hosting from my link. (Use any link on this page)

Now that I have used Bluehost and I am satisfied with their service I can assure you that I won’t recommend anything to my readers (you), just because I will be benefitted from it. For me it’s you who is more valuable. If these were the qualities you were looking for in a host, or if your current host has dissatisfied you, I think you should try Bluehost.

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  1. Hi Ankit,

    I’m a Bluehost customer and there are many reasons I love Bluehost.

    1. They give anytime money back guarantee.
    2. There servers are fast compare to other popular hosts.
    3. I really like their CPU throttling feature
    4. Great Customer support.

    I read your review and I really liked it. Keep the good work up.


  2. Hi, Ankit
    I was searching for how to transfer your domain and found your blog. Found it so much informative for me.
    And thanks for suggesting WordPress platform instead of Blogger.
    Thanks again,

  3. I recently changed my hosting from to

    I am terribly dissatisfied with their slow customer service, site loading speed. Even their support ticketing system is down for hours.

    I am intend to share my experience with blue host india through my blog if it all I can login to my blog dashboard.

  4. Hi
    The selection of the web host is very much important. Yes, you can avoid web host concern, if you are blogging for a fun. Bluehost can be considered as a best solution as compared to the other web hosts.

    This article is a good show for new bloggers and in fact for experienced blogger as well.

    Thanks for sharing a quality.
    sunil k

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