How To Submit Blogger Static Pages Sitemap To Google Search Console?

If you have read my previous article on “submitting Blogger sitemap to Google search console“, you might already know that we need to submit an XML sitemap to Google search console in order to have better indexing and crawling of our blog posts.

But in that sitemap there is a problem.

That sitemap does not contain links of your static pages. Static pages like:

Although, these pages are not SO important to index, but if you are like me who sometimes publish valuable content (like this and this) on “Pages” rather than “Posts“, then submitting a sitemap for static pages in Google search console is vital.

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How To Change Blogger Blog Template?

When I started blogging on blogger, I used to run my blog on blogger’s default templates. But as I started learning more about blogging I feel that default templates are not so much attractive and professional.

They are even not search engine optimized because they all were designed many years ago and don’t even updated a single time after that. Search engines like Google have updated its search algorithms many times and they are continuously updating to improve search results and user’s experience.

That’s why it is very important for us as a blogger that we used an SEO friendly template for our blog. We should change our blog’s default theme with any third party templates.

That’s why today I bring a tutorial to help newbie bloggers so that they can learn how to change the template in blogger.

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