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Here’s one decision I want you to make before reading this post.


Simply, because it will help you get the most out of this article and probably grow your online (blogging) business by leaps and bounds.

So here’s the question.

Content related question

Would you like to do one thing over and over again and sit satisfied with the same return on investment forever?

Or would you want to automate the things (like writing blog posts) that don't need your expertise and rather focus on the growth aspects that can take your blog to the next level?


Content production is a huge part of the blogging process, and we all are adapted to consistently create “epic” content for our blogs, right?

I thought it too until recently when I could outsource my content and actually focus on other aspects of growing my business like:

  • Creating new niche sites
  • Focusing on list building
  • Conducting A/B split tests
  • Learning Facebook ads and
  • much more.

If you’re confused about what you can do with your saved time, here is where is what top marketers tend to aim with their content and saved time.

Let your writers do the content writing so that you can make that content work in the following ways for your business.

B2B Content Marketing

B2B Content Marketing

In today's’ article, I will share with you the exact process of how I outsource my content at cheaper rates and invest my valuable time in growing my business further.

How Can You Outsource Your Content?

I recently found this platform ContentMart which is a freelance writer marketplace where you find thousands of freelance writers, filter them based on your needs like target niche expertise, past experience level, language fluency, etc.

You can also choose the writers based on your work type like blog post creation, technical writing, white paper creation, etc.

One of the features of ContentMart that I personally loved is, you get verified writers who are tested against their skills by the platform.

Check this video out for a clear idea about how ContentMart works.

Hire great writers. Try ContentMart!

Getting Started With ContentMart

Getting started and assigning your first content order on ContentMart is very simple and intuitive.

how contentmart works

How ContentMart works

You just have to create a free account on ContentMart.

After that, you are taken to the dashboard where you see the options to place a new order and add funds to your account.

Before adding funds, I would suggest you to take a minute and fill up your profile section that will give you a better visibility and create a professional impression on your bidders (writers).

You can access the same directly on the menu of your dashboard.


Make sure you set your currency based on your requirement of your writers. If you set your currency as Indian currency, you will have access to writers residing in India while paying in USD makes you eligible to hire native English writers.

How To Place A New Order on ContentMart?

To place a new order on ContentMart, you can select “new order” menu item under your dashboard.

After that, you are taken to the “new order” portal where you will describe your article requirement, payment options, etc.

Here is the detailed screenshot for a test project I created to give you an idea of how it works.

1. Order Title and Details

In this section, you have to enter a lucrative job title that will attract bidders to take a look at your project.

Create new order

Create new order

In the details section, you can add the actual headline of your blog post, the word count you prefer, the preferred tone of the article. You can also ask to include specific references from the web etc.

Got screenshots and specific PDFs etc. you want your potential writer to look at? You can also add them in this section.

The aim of this section is to make it clear for your writer to know what you need.

This will save your time on editing or and send the blog posts for more revisions.

2. Filtering Content Writers

In this section, we would aim at cutting the crap out of the 1000s of writers ContentMart has so that our outsourced project gets seen by the right writers having the expertise we want them to have.

Filtering the content writers

Filtering the content writers

You can add a deadline so that only the writers that are free in your schedule can opt to bid for your project. You can choose blog writing, eBooks, whitepaper outsourcing, etc. under the category of writing option.

Another thing I like about ContentMart is the ability to filter out writers based on a given field of expertise. This is essential to keep the entertainment writers away from bidding on business projects and so on.

3. Article Quantity and SEO Details

This section is very important. No matter what specifications you have given in the first section, you should always add your preferred keywords, LSI keywords to sprinkle in the article in this part of your content order.

Set a word count limit so that you won’t get disappointed with long fluffy content or short useless blog posts.

4. Adding Pricing Details

In the last option, you get to add your pricing details, preferred currency, and project visibility on the platform.

I always choose a “per order” pricing model for every piece of my outsourced content from ContentMart. You can also choose a per word based pricing model, but the former helps me to filter out writers who add words just to increase the word count.

One smart feature of ContentMart is you can set the visibility of your project to all the writers selected within the category you choose or to a specific group of writers you want.

Initially, set these to public view so that you get as many writers interested in your project as available. Now after working with them over time you can select a few good ones that perform as you want.

On subsequent orders, set the visibility to only these writers and save your time working from scratch again with a new writer.

5. Placing Order

The final step is where you place your order or save it as a draft for quick access in future.

How To Save Time Creating Multiple Content Assignment Orders on ContentMart?

ContentMart is such a platform that I use everyday to feed 2 of my niche sites with relevant content.

If I create individual projects for each of the sites then that would take a lot of my time so what I do to save time is create a template.

To create a content assignment template in ContentMart, you can create a full job assignment like the one before and save it as a draft.

Now, whenever you want a new writing order just go to my orders section, choose the draft you want to replicate and click on “create similar order” option.

creating a content template in ContentMart

Creating a content template in ContentMart

How To Add Funds To ContentMart?

Adding funds to ContentMart is as easy as making a PayPal payment, and you can do so by clicking on the balance option on the menu bar of the dashboard. You can view or balance and add deposits from this option.

Add funds to contentmart

Add funds to ContentMart

In the payment settings, you will have to enter your preferred amount to deposit, add your name and surname.

I prefer paying via VISA, but you can do so using PayPal (and PayTM, direct bank transfer, net banking, etc. if you are using Indian currency as the payment mode).

sending final payment

sending final payment

ContentMart Discount Codes

I value you as a reader and that is why I asked them to offer you a special gift.

If you fill your account with $10 and use our discount code BTTCM10, you'll get $20 i.e $10 extra.

And if you fill your account with Rs.1000 (INR) and use our discount code BTTCM1K, you'll get Rs.2000 i.e Rs.1000 extra.

Discount Codes:

  • For $10 offer ➤ BTTCM10
  • For Rs.1000 offer ➤ BTTCM1K

To use these discount codes, go to Balance > Deposit funds. Enter amount and discount code and click on activate.

You'll get your bonus. Cheers! 🙂

Contentmart discount code

ContentMart discount code

Pros & Cons of ContentMart (IMO)

What I Like:

  • ContentMart gives access to 100s of native English writers that are just hard to find. Most writers that popularly apply through job boards like Problogger charge 10X more than these writers do.
  • You can see the work, and then decide you want to accept it or not.
  • Choosing the exact writer having the desired expertise within your fingers’ reach.
  • If you like to have a writer in the regional language, ContentMart has writers from every possible Indian language you can imagine.
  • Verified writers who go through exams and tests before being approved as verified. 100% money-back guarantee

What I Don’t Like:

  • ContentMart writers need to be initially trained a bit to understand your style of writing. This is a normal issue, I know, but I would love if they come up with a process to train writers to cater to industry standard needs.

Wrapping Up

ContentMart has been saving me valuable time and resources by automating the content outsourcing process for me.

Most writers are tested and verified, and after initial adjustment, my team has caught up with my content requirement and taste.

I don’t recommend things that often but ContentMart is a service I would recommend any day because of the value it offers.

Try it out today and see how much time you save.

Use that saved time in further expanding your blog rather than only content creation.

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