7 Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog Effectively

How to monetize a blog and start making some real money online?

We all know that there are so many ways to money from blogging, but most of them are outdated and won’t work now.

So I won’t be sharing them here, instead, I’ll give you some real ways to make money from blogging. Let’s get into it.

1. Google AdSense

Hands down, Google AdSense is still the most effective way to monetize a blog. But it can give you decent money once your blog start getting massive traffic.

Let’s say you are getting 1,000 visits a day, you can easily expect 200$ to 300$ a month by leveraging your blog traffic. Place your GA ads wisely to get more clicks. After all, it’s all about more clicks = more money!

Note: If you don’t have Google Adsense account approved, then you can try Infolinks as it is a best Google Adsense alternative.

2. Banner ads

If you are not interested in placing Google AdSense ads on your blog, showing banner ads is the finest way to make more money. Use Buy sell ads services to post your blog details. If your blog is receiving potential traffic, you will get many opportunities from other people to place their ads on your sites. You can contact to some big brands in your niche for direct advertisement. It’s one of the profitable method to earn from blogging.

3. Product reviews

I know few people who are making $100 to $500 just by publishing 2 to 3 product reviews a month on their blogs. Posting product reviews is the effective way to make money from a site. If your website has loyal readership it works like a charm. You can charge $100 to $500 per review depending on your site.

4. Blog services

If you are a beginner and have a passion towards selling your skills, this is definitely for you. You can sell your writing services, logo services, theme creation or plugin generation services on your blogs to make money.

The good thing about this monetization model is, you don’t need huge traffic to make more money. But you do need quality exposure from the RIGHT people to take your services. The more clients you have the more money you can generate each and every month.

5. Affiliate marketing

Want to make money even while you sleep? Affiliate marketing is the right choice for you then. But you do need to have some skills to sell others products on your sites. Remember no one likes to buy stuff from strangers. So according to me if you have an email list of hungry people you can make lots of money from affiliate marketing. Patience is the real key in making more money from affiliate marketing.

6. Sell your own products

If nothing works for you to make money online, sell your own products. It can range from selling eBooks, information products, plugins, themes etc. It totally depends on your skills. Figure out where you are good at. Are you a better writer, developer or speaker? Launch your products after analyzing your skills to maximize your revenue.

7. Build an Email List

One of the best ways to make money online is to build an email list.

Email list is the way to go if you want to make decent income from your blogging efforts. Money is in the list. If you are not building an email list, you are definitely losing money on the table. Start building an email list from day one of your blogging career.

If you are wondering how to get more email subscribers, this is for you. We will discuss the effective ways to grow your email list. Let’s dive in.

  1. Drive more traffic: No matter how good your offer is, you won’t get more email subscribers without driving quality traffic to your sites. The more traffic you have the faster you can grow your email list, it’s as simple as that. Use guest posts, blog comments, PPC ads etc. to drive more traffic to your blogs or landing pages.
  2. Offer a freebie: If you want to quickly build an email list, give away something for free. Online readers don’t sign up to your sites just because you are building a list. They want a reason to subscribe to any newsletter. So find out your target audience and write specific reports or eBooks for them. You can also give away videos, podcasts etc. The tip here is to make sure your freebie is something worth reading.
  3. Use a best autoresponder: I use and recommend GetResponse. If you are serious about building an email list, use services like GetResponse, AWeber, Mad Mimi etc. Because email list is a business and every business needs investment. I hope you are getting me.
  4. Use landing pages: Blog pages are a big distraction in general. If you want more conversions on your email lists, try using landing pages. Landing pages give less distraction to the users and they often get more conversion rates. You can use the tools like OptimizePress, Thrive Landing Pages etc. to build landing pages.
  5. Use effective call to actions: Don’t use the words like “subscribe” “get free updates” etc. on your websites. People are just fed up of seeing them. Use effective call to actions like “Get your freebie now” “download your report” etc. to easily convince your visitors to subscribing to your mailing lists. Be creative while creating call to actions.
  6. Use social media sites: Social media is the powerful way to get more email leads. Social media is only growing bigger and bigger. If you are not spending quality time on engaging with others on social media, you are definitely losing many people visiting your sites. Create Facebook fan pages, be active on twitter and get in touch with other people on G+ to grow your network.
  7. Pro tip to making money online: Before using any monetization model from above, always be sure to test every model one after the other. Don’t try to monetize your blog using all the methods that you come across online. You won’t make even a penny if you focus on every monetization method.

So what are your thoughts on monetizing a blog or website in 2016 and beyond? What are the proven methods that helped you to make money online? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

41 thoughts on “7 Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog Effectively

  1. Hi Ankit,

    I’ve found the best way to make money blogging is to do sponsored posts, and selling a product like an eBook on your own blog. I really like your point about getting an email list together as soon as you begin your blog (Something I had NOT done)…

    I have not done much affiliate marketing on my own blog but did on retail sites I once had and it did work pretty well there.

    Thanks for your tips Ankit – I may play around with a few of them and have a great day.

  2. Hey ankit

    Really amazing tips you shared regarding monetization. even you mentioned all possible way to make money online.

    I’ll try one of them, and mentioned which work best for me. One more tips: Before monetization your blog checkout your traffic such as from where they come from.

  3. Hello Ankit !!
    I enjoyed reading your post, the fact is that it is very very important to build an email list because that is the only way to help build your network and grow your business. Just like you said, if you have a huge number of email list companies would come knocking at your door step for sponsored post and reviews and you would end up making money..

    You points are strong and challenging and I must confess, I have learnt something from it, Thanks for the share man !!

    DOk Simon

  4. Hy Ankit,
    The above are the best way to make money through blogging. You did a great job by adding this article as these methods are best. I personally like AdSense and affiliate marketing as it gives us more power to earn.
    I also interested in email marketing and found some better tips here.

    Thanks Ankit for such a informative article..

  5. Great post ankit, One thing I would like to say is that not every niche who uses adsense are going to be the same like for eg a blog about internet marketing will make less money from adsense however a blog about weight loss will make more visitors so It totally depends and for internet marketing blog affiliate marketing is very good choice but yeah you have to first build that trust with your readers

  6. Hi Ankit,

    This is the first time I was on your blog and I saw your blog through Siraj Wahid Promarketerz. Glad to be here. 🙂

    Indeed, this article is great because it covers everything and is very deep. Awesome!

    Well, for me, I don’t know which one the best technique to earn money from the blog because I have not tried them all yet. However, I earn money through sponsored post or review, and I am grateful for it. 🙂

    To build an email list, I also use ininbox as well. Although now I don’t quite understand how it works, but I’ll look at it later to better understand it.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Ankit.
    Really helpful for me 🙂


  7. Hi Ankit,
    From my perspective one shouldn’t put Adsense ads on their blogs if he/she is really serious about adding value to the readers. They may distract readers with their irrelevant ads. Affiliate marketing is the best and coolest way to make some decent income. I agree that it doesn’t happen overnight but it is not an impossible thing. Thanks for the informative tips. 🙂

  8. hey ankit
    well explained but affiliate marketing, list building and landing pages all need some money to start right i started affiliate marketing from shareasale (a very good source of money) also without a blog and struggled and succeeded after a few hard works is there any other way to along with it, in ininbox we have to purchase premiums to have more than 2,000 subscribers and it rejects my every autoresponder don’t know why
    anyways thanks for such informative post please keep posting in this blog as you have more posts already on techclicko

  9. Hi Ankit, This post could help many bloggers and I would say this article was awesome till end of this I was so excited to read the full story.

    I must appreciate you for maintaining such a lovely blog and sharing tips from this blog and I have seen many blogs , I never felt happy before with appearance of blog but after seeing your site , it was fantastic theme , keen layouts

    I always love to ” selling own products ” would be more productive income and it can show huge amount in hands.

    Hope you get a chance to visit my blog too.

    Nagu Akkina

  10. Excellent Tips Ankit, Especially selling the banner ads does help in flat monthly income and If you have traffic you can certainly monetize using all these methods. I think Hosting Giveaways is also an option to monetize a blog, even though i haven’t tried it yet.
    Keep sharing the awesome content.

  11. Ankit no doubt Google AdSense is a great way to earn money from blogs. But if anyone is not happy with the earnings that they are able to earn with AdSense, they can give try to other way outs. For tech blogs, buysellads could be a great way.

    And blogs which talks about blogging and seo related stuff, could earn decent money with affiliate products and selling their own services.

  12. you said, if you have a huge number of email list companies would come knocking at your door step for sponsored post and reviews and you would end up making money but how can i agree on that please explain. I never felt happy before with appearance of blog but after seeing your site , it was fantastic theme , keen layouts. Thanks for the tips.

  13. I enjoyed reading this article. This will be really useful for new bloggers.
    Most of the bloggers who just wants to make quick money from their blogs will definitely fail. I suggest bloggers go slowly and try to think logical.

  14. I wish I had started building my email list as soon as I started my business. I only recently began a newsletter sign up campaign (a few months back). For me, freebies have been the best way to gain subscribers (at a fairly quick rate, too). If only I had done this when I first started my business a few years back…

  15. Hi Ankit

    As usual, Good stuff on BTT. I was asked to put two method at the top of list than i will put Affiliate followed by email list. Actually email marketing will also benefit affiliate. I am not doing any one of these as of today morning ( LOL).

    I think i have got enough motivation now to align my efforts and move on. My belief in principal – One should put efforts behind activities that can give consistent income. Yesterday my wife bought a Mobile from flipkart after reading a review on an a blog and that was a affiliate link. BTW Good post.

  16. I couldn’t ever understand that how to earn money through blog but your post seems very inspirational. I am newbie in digital marketing and one of my friend is helping me so I am working on it regularly. I found this post on Google and it contains very useful content. Thanks for sharing such an awesome post here.

  17. Wow! These are really effective methods and I hope newbies read this post

    I have one method I used that got me instant $250. I’ll be sharing it on my blog and hope it will help readers.

    Have a wonderful weekend bor

  18. Hi Ankit, truly speaking there are lots of ways to monetize a blog as long as you have good number of visitors. Visitors are the backbone of blogging earnings. The methods you have mentioned are quite popular.

    But there is a method that most bloggers don’t try and it works even on small blogs.

    Even if you run a small blog, there must be some articles that rank well on Google search. And if it does, you can really earn some extra money from these articles only. Dig into your Google webmaster account and find out some articles that rank on first page. Now list the keywords the articles are ranking for. Search them in Google and see if you find any advertisements or not.

    You will surely find some Adwords ads. Please understand these advertisers are paying Google to rank for the keywords your articles are already ranking for. They will pay you if you promote your articles to them. Just reach and let them know you have some of your blog articles ranked for the keywords they are targeting for their ads. If they want, they can get an ad-space inside those articles. If not all, many advertisers will be interested to work with you.

    I have personally used this method on my blog and it worked like a charm. I’ve already been paid several times.

  19. Thank you for these great tips.

    I am finally getting good traffic numbers, and I want to start monetizing my blog. Adsense has not been working well, so i am definitely looking at other ways to monetize.

    Thanks for all these great ideas here. Can’t wait to get started!

  20. Great list Ankit,
    All the above methods of blog monetization are really effective if used properly.

    However, the ones I’ll go for and also recommend to people is blog services, creating and selling your own product and affiliate marketing.

    Those are really the most profitable ways of monetizing a blog and which ever one you chose, make sure you’re building an email list.

    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Hi Ankit,
    how are you?

    You listed several content monetization strategies!

    Selling ads and sponsored posts are what works best for my main blog.

    Thanks for the share!

  22. Hi Ankit,
    for me, it’s a combination of selling ads, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.
    Plus, I also have clients for my services of freelance writing and social media marketing.

    I’m creating my product, at this time.
    Thanks for sharing!

  23. What amazing post Ankit! thank you so much for these valuable informations about monetizing blogs. im personaly using Google adsense and infolinks also i put referrals link for others networks and companies to maximize my earnings.
    Best wishes Ankit

  24. Hello sir…
    i am ankit..i m a student and have interest in blogging…i want to know that …How much Money i need to spend on a blog to earn !!!
    can i earn without investment….can i earn high revenue by blogspot…

  25. Great Post Bro,

    Really informative article, with shareable content!

    I would like to request you to share few article about blog monetize network for mobile traffic (I don’t have mobile app). Thanks in Advanced 🙂

  26. It is true that most of new bloggers create their blogs with the mind of making money with it one day. As older bloggers say” Don’t think of money”. Most new bloggers including me blog with the mind of money. It is very disappointing when you don’t make even a singles cents for about 6 months. It is painful when others tell you that they are earning but patience is the key. Ankit , this article is very useful. To you blogger, never give up, keep on doing it and follow what others tells you. It will pay off even if it may take time.

  27. I started monetize my blog using adsense. But i was not positive with the income and then i moved to affiliate marketing. But though some profit, i was not actually getting enough money from it.

    So i decided to provide services such as logo design, wordpress theme development, website development.

    Now I’m happy with the income. I’m earning around $1200 consistently from my blog. Though i have invest more time on working for the project.

    But with less amount of traffic, I’m satisfied with the income.

  28. Dear Ankit,
    I have read the most of your articles. I am a new blogger and don’t know about blogging. I want to make my blog reach to more people so please guide me. I am not too greedy to just make money online but want to make information to me reach to more people. Sorry for language.

  29. Thanks for the wonderful post Ankit. I have been blogging for past 3 years and mostly earning using Adsense. Now, I have also started affiliate campaigns on my latest website. Hope it goes well. Working to build a great email list now. Thanks again!

  30. Hi Ankit, your list of monetization options for bloggers are very enlightening. When I started blogging in 2009, Adsense was the only way but slowly bloggers started exploring other avenues for making money from their blogs, the good thing is now there are many fall back options to survive in case one revenue stream is dead.
    I liked your post so much that I linked to this post from one of my blog posts.
    Happy Blogging.


  31. Wow, These tips are very important for all the website owners who wish to monetize their sites in an effective way.

    It”ll be amazing to work firstly with premium monetizing service providers like AdSense if not possible then we may go for other choices around.

  32. Hi Ankit,

    This is is a great blog post gave me so many avenues that I would not even think about. I really do appreciate it.

    Nowadays there are so many income streams in blogging, and we just need to identify how to master one income stream.

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