How To Add Custom Robots.txt File in Blogger?

In one of my previous posts, I had discussed Custom Robots Header Tags Settings for blogger. If you have read that post then I hope you guys are aware with its importance in search rankings.

Today, I am back with a very useful and must aware blogging term that is Robots.txt.

In blogger it is known as Custom Robots.txt that means now you can customize this file according to your choice. In today’s tutorial, we will discuss this term in deep and come to know about its use and benefits. I will also tell you how to add custom robots.txt file in blogger.

So let start the tutorial.
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How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools?

If you’ve just started your blogging career, you might not know how search engines work and how to display your website in the Google search results to drive traffic to your blog.

You can show your website in Google search for free if you can help Google to find your blog.

To do that, you should know about Google Search Console (earlier known as Google Webmaster Tools).

Search Console is a free tool offered by Google which helps you to display your website in Google search results (index or crawl your website).

This tool also helps you to improve the crawling rate of your blog.

All you have to do are a few simple things.

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How To Add Floating Share Buttons Gadget To Blogger?

Everybody wants to get top ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) but only those people who analyze the ever-changing SEO field carefully and change their strategy according to the trends get good positions.


It’s been a while since Google has started considering social signals as a significant ranking factor. So, you should have social sharing buttons on your blog to make it easier for the visitors to share your content, which in term give SEO benefits.

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How To Show Post Title Before Blog Title in Blogger?

Believe me; you are losing tons of visitors daily!

Are you wondering how? Then, you should read this article completely to get more details about the issue and solution.

I hope you are a Blogger user (That’s why you are here, right).

Post title before blog title in Blogger

Have you ever seen your blog in search results? Then, what comes first; blog title or post title?

If your answer is blog title, you are making a fatal mistake.
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How To Do Directory Submission in SEO?

Backlinks to your blog are very essential. Having a safe link building profile is even more essential. I have listed a huge list of natural link building techniques in this post. Today we will discuss one more source of building safe backlink (which works post penguin update) i.e. directory submission.

Blog directories are often overlooked and thought to be spammy, but if done safely these are great untapped sources of dofollow backlinks plus exposure for your blog.

This detailed tutorial on blog directory submission will walk you through the whole process of finding blog directories, registering in them as well as safe tricks to get quick approval.

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