10 Clever Ways To Keep Your Old Blog Posts Alive

Blogging has been my passion for years now. However, there are times when I run out of fresh ideas and even constantly thinking does not bring in something unique to offer for my readers.

This is when I decide to add some life to my existing content on site. At the same time, it helps me in bringing the already posted content in picture, as we all know that addition of fresh posts on a blog sets the older ones aside. So, we can say that renewing the older content kills two birds with one stone.

I love doing this because after all I have invested time and effort in my existing posts which are still relevant for the readers and potential visitors of my blog.
Revive Old Blog Posts
Here are 10 simple yet crucial ways that can help in boosting your older posts for new readers:

1. Edit the Titles to Make Them More SEO Friendly

Go through the titles of your old posts and try altering them to make them more appealing according to trending topics and ideas. Changing the title will surely not mess up the SEO on your site as this will not change the permalink of your post. Only the display title will be changed and this will be picked up as new information by Google quickly.

2. Create an Image and Pin it on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way for bloggers to generate traffic on their blog. It often happens that we tend to pin only one of the multiple images from one post on our site. So, pick the pictures which have not been pinned initially and pin them afresh to attract fresh traffic.

Pinterest (if used wisely) can help your blog to become super successful.More than that, Pinterest also bless its users with lots of free targeted traffic.

I highly recommend you to follow these 7 smart tips in order to attract flood of traffic to your blog.

3. Link Old posts to New Ones

As we all know, internal link building is the key to strong SEO and at the same time user-friendly too. So, link your new posts with similar ideas to the relevant old tips or write-ups on your site.

4. Create Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a renowned way to not only share knowledge but also discuss subjects with blogging peers or your fans. Host a Hangout based on your older posts and your followers may come up with questions to learn more about what you have knowledge of.

5. Send Across Newsletter

I hope you are already sending out newsletters. Use newsletters to welcome new members and highlight some of your older yet popular posts. If you are not already doing email marketing, start it with GetResponse’s 30 days FREE trial.

6. Run Across a Popular Post RoundUp

Apart from creating newsletters, you can even create a roundup post once or twice a month listing the links of your popular posts.

7. Share on Social Media Network

It is important for you to realize that at any given time, there may be an entire different group of audience reading and scanning social media networks. This simply means that the group of people who have noticed your tweet at 12 noon is replaced by altogether a different group after an hour.

The same stands true for your older posts. You must have gained a bunch of new followers since you last posted an idea on say, in July 2015. These people may have never seen some of your best posts. Bring them back in rotation through social media platforms.

8. Use Tweet Old Post Plugin

Tweet Old Post Plugin
Tweet Old Plugin is a great way to help your old posts in rotation. You can select the criteria in the options it provides as per your desire. You can select the categories you want to exclude or include, set the time between two tweets and choose other options to customize the settings, as you want.

9. Stumble Your Posts

StumbleUpon is a great way to bring new traffic on your site. This certainly brings your older posts into notice too.

What do you think? Is it really possible to drive crazy amount of traffic from StumbleUpon?

Here is the answer.

10. Re-write the Post with Related Updates and New Content

Edit the posts with new ideas. Trends and interests of audience keep on changing with time. Add some interesting and new facts to your older posts and this will give new life to your existing content in the eyes of search engines as well.

So, these all are the 10 clever things which you can do with your old blog posts. All this has helped me much and will surely help you as a blogger too.

Do you have more ideas to revive our old blog posts? Please share in the comments.

44 thoughts on “10 Clever Ways To Keep Your Old Blog Posts Alive

  1. Hey Ankit,
    Great tips to bring life in a new post. These ideas are great. But I want to add one more extra thing in it.
    You can also re-share your old content on all social media platforms once or twice in a week. By doing this you can attract new users, more social shares and more comments.
    It’s great and works best for me .

    • You are right, Nikhil.

      I mentioned this point in the article itself. Social sharing is one of the best way to keep attracting new traffic to your blog.

      But the thing is you must share useful content with your followers. It’ll not only increase the traffic but also the trustworthiness of a blog.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Well, now that’s actually called a “Pillar article”. Many bloggers, including me, make mistake by not updating the old-contents that had been published once. However you’ve distinguished and have written awesome points.

    Editing the titles of the old-content is quite a good idea in order to rip up maximum benefit from Google and rank higher. Pinning is too a great idea, but the most wanted point I liked is – Tweet Old Plugin, ya, I was actually not aware of it. I’d surely give it a try.

    Thanks for the great contribution, Ankit Singla. Have a great weekend ahead.
    – Bishal Biswas

    • Hey Bishal,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m happy that my article serve the purpose.

      Tweet Old Post plugin is surely a great plugin which will add new life to your older posts. Just give it a try and don’t forget to share your feedback.

  3. Hey dear Ankit Bro,

    I always love your blogging tips. The tips shared here are easy to follow and I’ll follow them for sure. Yes, editing old content is really good and am doing it these days. But i’m missing to send Newsletter to subscribers properly, will take action on that.

    Remaining ways to revive the old posts are simply superb, thanks for your nice write-up. Keep doing this for us ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Nirmala Mam for your feedback.

      I highly recommend you to start email marketing. It’ll be profitable for your blog for sure.

      Let me know if you need any help regarding this matter. I’ll be happy to help you.

  4. Hey Ankit,
    Really useful tips to increase the value of old posts by bringing back them to life. Applied some of the Tips specially Changing the Title of the post and Internal link building and it really worked out for me. I’m trying the other tips also I hope they will also work for me.
    Thanks a lot for your valuable Tips
    Shubham Khatwani

  5. Hi Ankit, Great post.
    Interlinking is what I like the most. I often use my own blog search engine to find interlinking opportunities on my own blog.

    But I have to disagree with the very first point. Google often takes the change in title of the blog post seriously. Addition or deletion of only one or two words seems normal in the eyes of Google.

  6. Very helpful post. I have many times ran out of fresh ideas like many bloggers did and yes editing old posts help you rank better.

  7. While I agree with the 10 clever ways to keep old blog posts alive, it is still important we don’t forget to refrain from rehashing or duplicating ideas. The best steps I take to make my old posts come alive is re-purposing them into other formats.

    I have shared this article on my social networks.


  8. Hi Ankit, You’ve so far written every thing one can do to keep his blog alive.

    Internal linking is important for both real visitors and bots, thanks for writing it out. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Hi, Ankit! ๐Ÿ™‚

    These ideas of yours are, I think, quite similar to repurposing content. Repurposing content is a process in which you edit and re-write your old existing content, and make it better and new. This process is a good technique to use when you’re running out of idea to write new blog posts.

    Well, I must say that these tips that you’ve shared above are all wise and practical.

    Linking your old posts to new one is a great idea as for me. With this, you can build internal links, which is good to make your SEO stronger. While sharing your old content on different social networking site is a good strategy for you to gain some benefits of blogging.

    Thanks for the post! This article is indeed valuable and helpful. ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. Hello Ankit,
    It’s really best way to keep our old posts content alive. If we update our old posts and share them on social media. It never let them die but makes them strong. hmm?

  11. Smart Ankit. I like Tweet Old Post; now I’m using Evergreen Post Planner. Awesome tool, helps you send out pretty much unlimited updates. Also huge on interlinking here to keep peeps on your site. Thanks dude, awesomeness.

  12. Nice list you got there.
    Post internal linking really helps to refer new visitors to old post relating to the new post.
    But, i have not heard of Tweet Old Post Plugin. Am gonna check it out.

  13. great post Ankit loved it well i dont comment on every post i read(lazy) but really your post impressed me a lot, actually now i am shifting my blog to wordpress after that i must interview you,i will contact you later
    thanks for a great post
    btw suggest me a genesis theme (paid or free) must be cool and responsive

  14. Nice tips bro, i think interlinking old post with new one is the best way to keep a post alive. What we can do is create a series post which contain all the links to a specific topic.

  15. It is always a wise thing to update and revive old posts to continue getting fresh traffic and attention through it. Also updating an old post properly might boost its rankings too.

    In fact, bloggers must equally pay attention and devote time to update old posts as they devote time to write new posts ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Hi,

    Thank you for including Tweet Old Post here! Don’t hesitate to link to the pro version as well and get some money through the affiliate program.

  17. Edit the Titles to Make Them More SEO Friendly
    Create an Image and Pin it on Pinterest
    Link Old posts to New Ones
    Share on Social Media Network
    Re-write the Post with Related Updates and New Content

    These are my roundup Ankit! I deem these are simple and no hesitation effective Clever Ways To Keep Your Old Blog Posts Alive.

    Thanks for sharing this topic with us. I didn’t regret that I spend time reading, since I also find additional ways to keep old posts alive and roaring despite that I already published new posts.

    I will share this to my friends. They might gain knowledge here.

  18. Hey Ankit Bro,
    Thanks for sharing this awesome tips to revive our old posts and it is also very important to do so. All the above point are discussed here are very useful and easy to follow for attract new readers and also to increasing traffic.

    Thanks bro for sharing such a awesome post with us.

  19. Hey Ankit,
    Really great tips in making your old post alive.
    I’ve One more tip for you i.e. Choose one of best old post that you wrote and again do research on that topic for a moment on web.
    Add-ups new information into post and update it.
    At last make that post sticky on home page for week. surely this methods works for every one.
    Repeat this process avery week.


  20. Using a newsletter is a great idea, make sure to include older posts or posts you want to revive in an autoresponder so when they sign up they will get them. Also using twitter and stumbleupon are wonderful ideas to increase traffic as well as bring back the dead metaphorically speaking.

  21. Hey dear Ankit Bro,

    I always love your blogging tips. The tips shared here are easy to follow and Iโ€™ll follow them for sure. Yes, editing old content is really good and am doing it these days. But iโ€™m missing to send Newsletter to subscribers properly, will take action on that.

    Remaining ways to revive the old posts are simply superb, thanks for your nice write-up. Keep doing this for us

  22. Hi,
    Excellent points and post! Thanks for sharing.
    I couldnt agree more, it can be a real struggle coming up with fresh content ideas that will provide value to your readers.

    I especially like your popular post round up idea, thats definitely something I will be implementing on my own blog!

  23. Bloggers do sometimes experience writerโ€™s block, and it is when they are running out of fresh ideas to write or publish new blog posts.

    Well, Iโ€™ve read various ways to solve this thing before. One of the brilliant ideas that Iโ€™ve learned is to repurpose your content, in where you will just need to edit your old existing post and make it new, just like the idea youโ€™ve shared above.

    These ways youโ€™ve given are indeed wise and helpful to make your old existing blog posts alive.

    Iโ€™ve read here that you need to edit the title and make it more SEO friendly. The second tip given above down to the last one is a brilliant idea to simply promote your repurposed content.

    Thanks for this post! Hope to hear more from you. ๐Ÿ™‚


  24. Hi Ankit

    I love to read your blog articles because you always come back with new ideas for bloggers help. Yeah.. I am rally agree with your thoughts, we all have to need edit our past blog post again. real dear you have shared great tips for me specially.

    Thanks to inspire me.

  25. Hello Ankit, Very clever ways to bring those old post back to life..

    OH I know that I get writers block every so often and these tips are just what I need. I am going to use the idea of Google Hangout right away, I have been wanting to do one and now I have a reason I am going to grab one of my old blog post and make it the topic of the hangout.. Perhaps our team can do this each week FUN FUN I love this idea!!

    Now I have never heard of Tweet Old Plugin and I will be sure to check this one out Always good to have new tools, Curious if it is free? I love free tools LOL.

    Thanks Chery :))

  26. Hey Ankit,

    Great article! Oh my, long time didn’t visit and you have a NEW theme. Looking great and. Clean and sleek!

    Thanks for sharing this and keep it up buddy!

  27. Hi Ankit,

    These are really clever ways to keep our old posts active.Thanks for pointing about Tweet Old post plugin.I didnt know about this and it is really new to me. I hope this plugin will be really of great benefit to many of us

  28. Hey Ankit,
    This is really a great post. I knew that by editing the title we can get some benefit but came to know about some new ways via this post.
    Creating an image and using Pinterest to revive old post is new for me and same goes with the Tweet plugins to tweet old posts. I knew about that but didn’t know its name.
    Thanks for sharing this post with us mate! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Another methods may be create video or that post or make a slideshow, PDF and share on the relevant sites. Though a good read all the way. Keep in touch Ankit

  30. Hi Ankit, Youโ€™ve so far written every thing one can do to keep his blog alive.
    Internal linking is important for both real visitors and bots, thanks for writing it this beautiful article.

  31. Hello Ankit
    I must say u share very much useful tips .
    well i was little worried about my old post what will happen to them if they loose their ranking or people stop searching that particular key words after all i invested my precious time them . I was looking for something like above only . I hope it will help me allot till my blogging career . Thanks for sharing these tips and keep sharing your knowledge in future too.
    Thank you

  32. Frankly speaking , I learnt about StumbleUpon right now. All the points mentioned are really very helpful as sometimes I just spent many hours to think about the next post. But now will update old post and restructure them to post.

  33. Hey Ankit, really useful article. Old article will give boost to traffic to the blog if correctly linked with new articles. Internal linking is also a important in on page optimization. I am using internal linking to my blog and seeing good results. thank you so much for such an article.

  34. Nice article. Updating is required for long term blogs because google only consider high page rank blogs and the only way to keep your blog rank high is updating old articles. I am updating my old ranling articles with the same name and with some latest keywords and use google crawler and ping tools to index them!

  35. nice post Ankit. i love your re write title point i will try it.. i have some confusion here. can i add more content my old post like i have “top ten smartphones of 2015” can i add new smartphone this post please tell ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rahul Kashyap

  36. Dear Ankit,

    Old article articles updating is important in advanced SEO. I started this processing recently. I am following this points in my old article updating process. Very good…

    Thank you

    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

  37. Hi Ankit,

    Thanks for your sharing these amazing tips/tricks. Awesome indeed. I will definitely use them going forward.
    I have a qeustion though, maybe you can help in your free-time. recently i have developed pages on my blog, the reason for all this is to add old/new posts to pages. So far managed to attached one single post. But by the time i want to add the second, its either i have double pages of the same name on blog view or if i want to exclude the other page, this will mean that i have to delete the other page so i remain with the actual one. Please help with steps to get this done.
    Much appreciated for your time and help!

    Blog: http://www.paxinada.blogspot.nl by the way i requested a migration via hostgator and its taking ages to migrate blogger to wordpress. any tips on this? I have already paid them though.
    facebook: fashionwithdaisy
    Pinterest:Daisy Daisy

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