5 Easy Ways To Become An Unpopular Blogger

How to be Unpopular in Blogging?

Weird!! Isn’t it?

Everyone wants to be a popular blogger. But here I am, describing some ways through which one can become unpopular in this crowded blogging arena.

So what’s the significance of this post? You should keep each point I am going to share. Why because the opposite of them are the recipes that add up to create a successful as well as a popular blogger.

It’s up to you whether to be unpopular or popular in blogging. If you want to be despised, follow the methods given below. Or if you want to be a liked blogger, do what’s opposite.

Here is my guide to be an unpopular, unwanted and rejected blogger.

#1. Break up with Your Blog

Never love your blog. Yes, you should cut the relationship NOW.

According to me, this is the primary step to becoming an unpopular blogger. A real blog lover updates his blog regularly. It helps him build the new audience and create trust among oldies. Eventually, this act leads him to popularity.

All the popular bloggers regularly publish posts on their blog. What does this mean? Nothing else than the importance of regularity in blogging.

But here, you have to avoid this. Stop updating your blog right now. Millions of blogs are out here. So people will start following them instead of yours.

You might have stopped updating. Then, do you have a habit of sharing your old posts?

What’s the point in hanging out with the ex? Cease that habit too.

Congrats. You have paved the way to unpopular blogging.

#2. Be a Virtual Island Yourself

What is an island? It’s a form of land isolated from surroundings by water.

I recommend you to be a virtual island if unpopularity is your ultimate aim. Don’t have an eye on other bloggers. Never ever visit their blog. If any of them come up with a fantabulous post, and you accidently read it, pretend like you never. I mean don’t drop a single appreciation word as the comment. Be pure blind towards comment section.

Also, social share buttons should not hook your eyes. In any case, don’t allow your mouse pointer to click on them. The danger in it is, people may notice your social share, read that article and also realize that you are a blogger.

Successful bloggers build connections be it through blog commenting or social media. The main benefit of commenting on a blog is not a mere backlink, but the connections it brings from the author and readers as well.

Outreaching should be your enemy as you are on the way to unpopularity. Don’t email your fellow bloggers to congratulate on their fantastic post. If you do, they will start noticing your blog (even the influencers do it).

#3. Remove the Word, HELP from Your Blogging Dictionary

I know many successful bloggers who do pay heed to the problems of their fellowmen. Most of us do not forget one, who help us. So in that way they are making a reason to remember them always.

If you still doubt the same, seek help from a popular blogger through a legitimate email (Ankit is here). You will surely get their help sooner or later. What I mean is helping others pave another way to popularity.

In your case, forget the word, HELP. Whenever a blogger asks for your help, ignore them. Do tell them that you don’t have enough time (even though you have). Talking to them in a rude manner, only because he is seeking help will make you a hated blogger also.

That’s why I am reminding you to remove HELP from your blogging dictionary. The more you are inclined towards it, the slower you become unpopular.

#4. Keep Building Fortress in Air

Implementation is the key element of success. You do win if only you are ready to take action.

A wannabe unpopular blogger should not take action. Instead, he can build fortresses in air, dream about the upcoming success of his/her blog and imagine a paycheck the blog may bring.

In any point, never take steps that make you successful because success will make you popular.

If you are craving to be unpopular and can’t break up with your blog, you can follow this method. When you can’t find yourself to be settled without writing, write a superb post without caring the Publish button.

Don’t try to build real castles. Keep on building it in the air.

#5. Bid Farewell to SEO

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO refer to tuning your website or blog to achieve top positions in search engine results.

You will get tens of thousands of visits if your blog is search engine-friendly. But that’s not you want, right?

Blow off the SEO concepts and never act according to it. If search engine experts say to do keyword research, ignore them and have a candy. If they say to have the primary keyword in H1 tag, ask them what if you haven’t?

Tons of SEO guides are out there. Read them carefully not to follow. Do what is opposite to the guides say.

At the end of the day, you will be the winner being the most unpopular blogger ever.

Every successful blogger cares about SEO. They really give a damn about it. That’s why they became popular.

As our main aim is to be unpopular, don’t give a damn about SEO.

Are You Ready to be Unpopular?

I have given you five basic principles that surely make you unpopular. Decide what’s your aim, popularity or unpopularity. As I already said, follow if you chose the second one. Or else do contrary to the above points.

Millions of blogs are present on the web, and tens of thousands of blog posts are being published daily. So, it’s not easy to be popular. You have to update your blog regularly, do care your fellow bloggers and readers, be active on social media, follow SEO strategies and also implement the thoughts.

Read what to do if your blog is dying.

I hope you like my post here. If you do, have a second to share with your peeps on social media. And also, let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

52 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways To Become An Unpopular Blogger

    • Hey Ajay,
      Talking to you after a long time under my post. Thanks a lot for being here.
      The thought process is simple. I really want to stand out from the rest. Everyone gives the same tips and tricks. People may get bored of it. That’s why I came with some positive tips in a negative manner.
      Glad you like it. Have a great day.

      • hello Rahul,
        i did not get the real purpose of this post. If i don’t care about SEO, then what is the benefit? If i don’t get enough visitors, then all will be in vain. I think no one wants to do blogging except money

    • Hey Shakib,
      I haven’t written this post for sheer pleasure (But yeah, a little bit). I wrote this to make everyone aware of five pillars of successful blogging.
      I am glad you like this. Keep visiting. More to come.

  1. Thanks Rahul for this great post,after reading your post i learn an important point which is Stop updating your blog right now. Millions of blogs are out here,yes some newbie like me also think like that which is the biggest reasion of unpopularity,btw thanks for this amazing post.

    • Hey Ajay,
      Don’t stop updating. If you want to get loyal readers, you should update your blog regularly (I don’t mean daily).
      And every popular blogger was a newbie the other day. They not only learnt, but implemented also.
      So keep buidlinh real castles.

  2. Fabulous post, Rahul!

    I love how you worded this. It truly makes sense. Not regularly updated your blog could definitely lose readers. Not visiting others blogs and networking with them could make you very lonely.

    If we want to be successful, we must put ourselves out there, share our knowledge, network with like-minded individuals, and help those who may need our guidance.

    I’m passing your post along in hopes that some of my good friends will stop by to comment and share.

    Have a great weekend!


    • Hello Brenda Ma’am,
      I am so glad to see you over here. Thanks a lot for the share and your kind words.
      Yeah Ma’am. We should update our blog regularly to get succeeded especially in this situation when thousands of blogs are being created daily.
      Networking is another key to success. It builds a loyal audience base.
      Thanks a lot again.

  3. Hello Rahul,

    Wow… I am not … ready to be unpopular. I was though in the past but will not in the near future.

    Really I was missing on many things by not blogging. You pointed out the gigantic advantages one would get by managing their blogs and keeping them in action will surely get one to the heights of blogging.

    Good one! Great to read it on Ankit’s place and so happy to share it!

    ~ Adeel

    • Hey Adeel,
      Glad to see you over here buddy.
      I know it. No one wants to be unpopular. What I meant was describing the ways to be popular through an unnatural manner.
      Thank you so much for reading my post and sharing it.

  4. This post scares me out. Motivation is well blended negatively to a positive inspiration in this post. Nice and unique read Rahul. Kudos to Ankits bravery in posting such a post(positively).

    Have a great day both of you 🙂

    • Hey Sasidhar,
      I hope you are doing well at your new place.
      Oh!! My post scared you?? I know you are doing everything right. So, cheer up buddy. Thanks a lot for your appreciation.
      Yeah, Ankit deserves a Keerthi Chakra 😉 .

    • Hello Raheel,
      Glad you came here first through my post.
      Visit often. Ankit has great experience in blogging. You will find many more guides.

    • Hey Harsha,
      Thanks for reading my post.
      Consciously or unconsciously, with or without knowledge most bloggers are becoming unpopular.

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.. I am also a new blogger and posted blog on regular base but after that i could not do that.. now after reading your article i want to be active on my blogger. Thanks

    • Hey Bilal,
      I feel blessed to read your comment because it’s my post that inspired you to restart the blogging journey with regular updates.
      Be active. You can reap the benefits soon.

  6. Hey, Rahul
    Fantastic writing you had done. I got an email about this post become surprise to see the heading of this email. Indirectly you described how to become a popular blogger.

    Great writing dude 🙂


    • Hey Al Mamun,
      Glad to know that you are an awesome subscriber of BTT.
      I know your feel bro. What I tried to convince is, some ways to be a popular blogger actually. I am happy that it serves the purpose.

  7. Hi Rahul,
    Your post reminded me of when I wrote an article title ” top ways that won’t help you make money”.
    A great post you have over here… expressed in a new style and I dare say that this style is much more effective than giving out usual tips to what to do to be a better blog. This will create that sense of realization and urgency in the bloggers which would make them ACT. Not just read it, maybe comment on it and forget about it.
    This is a post to be remembered.
    Hhahah I think I have said a lot but really appreciate the way you presented this. Great job. 🙂

    • Hello Manpreet,
      Wow, I will read your article soon.
      Thanks a lot for your kind words. Yes, of course. A negatively shaded guide targetted the positive outcome can do wonders. I have read some posts like that already. People are more inclined towards negativity (it’s a psychology). I don’t know why.
      Anyway, long comments like is a pure bliss for author. I hope you know it as a blogger yourself.

  8. Rahul, you make some great points here….I truly believe in #1, if you don’t post at least 1-2 x per month it doesn’t look good. It looks like you are missing. #2 is most important, you cannot do it alone like an island. You must engage with others and help others along the way. SEO Is still important but much harder these days and it’s always changing. Just be aware and do you best but if you try to do SEO to the max you will never have time to blog, network and promote. Been there, done that! Great post Rahul….

    • Hello Lisa,
      Yes, regular updates have a vital role in the success of any blog. It helps us to build a loyal audience base. Plus it increases SE rankings also.
      Yeah, today networking and outreach efforts are necessary as this phase of blogging is called as relationship blogging era by experts. What do I talk about SEO? It’s not dead. It’s still here as a powerful warrior.
      Thanks a lot for the thoughtful comment.

  9. Great idea for a post. If you can’t be the best, why not be the worst, right? 🙂 I joke, I joke. This is actually very helpful, and it was a fun read. Now I’m going to go do the opposite of everything mentioned.

    • Hi Nicholas,
      Glad to see you here. Ha ha. I know no one likes to be unpopular. Yet I wrote these to give some insights.
      Yes, that’s what I want. You should act opposite of what I mentioned.

  10. Interesting.

    Everyone is trying to be popular here you’re talking about being unpopular.

    Can you explain to me the benefits of that.

    I have been blogging since 2011.

    Even I want to be popular

    • Hello,
      I am curios to know that Godlove is your real name?
      Anyway, I just wrote this to make every inactive bloggers active.
      Great. If you want to be popular, follow this,
      #1. Be regular and post useful content
      #2. Stick with a single niche
      #3. Grab a TLD (Top Level Domain). You don’t have it, I guess.
      #4. Care about SEO and Social Media
      #5. Build worthy connections.

  11. Ahaha, this was great. I have a suggestion though for the SEO section – ignoring SEO is good… but filling it with Kardashian metatags takes it over the edge 😛 Ahaha.

    • Hey Nate,
      First of all thank you so much for reading and taking time to share your opinion.
      I don’t think ignoring SEO is a good idea. Good SEO is not keyword stuffing. If you want long term traffic. It is advised to do whitehat SEO only.

  12. I have not been taking SEO as a top item on my priority list and neither have I been building enough connections with other bloggers.Rahul,this article definitely highlights where I have been going wrong.

    • Hey Eric,
      Thanks a lot for reading my post here.
      You should take care of both things. Always make sure that your blog’s on-page and off-page SEO is perfect. And, don’t forget to make good connections among fellow bloggers.
      Glad to know I have given you some insights on where you went wrong.

    • Hey Deepa,
      Thanks a lot. I hope you started avoiding these mistakes.
      Anyway, I can’t see your blog. Showing a domain error. Is it my internet’s problem or anything went wrong?
      Thanks for reading.

    • Hey Umapathi,
      Glad to see you too.
      Thanks a lot for reading my post and taking time to appreciate my effort.

  13. These are some of the things which a lazy blogger who does it for name sake will do. I really got some warning from this post. So I am going to brush up and be popular from now on.

  14. Such an attracting title. I learn that what should not be done to become popular blogger. If we want to be successful, we must put ourselves out there, share our knowledge, network with like-minded individuals, and help those who may need our guidance.

  15. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing you Idea with Us, I totally agree with you, because i know the Blogging is not Short term benefit, if you want to make big relationship then need to some wait to build trust. But if you have not trust on yourself then you can’t success in Blogging. Second thing Many blogger make blog only for make money not for users and its big mistake. If you really wan to make money online with blogging then need to trust first then you will automatic earn monthly for long term.
    So i can say in this article every body can know that what you need to start a blogging.

    Thanks Again for Informative Content.

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