My Web Fair Meetup 3.0 Pics and Session Video [Hindi]

Hey Bloggers!

If you are following me on Facebook or Instagram, you might know that I recently gave a talk at Web Fair Meetup 3.0 event about "How To Build Your Audience Base."

A lot of my friends and followers were asking me to share event's pics and my session video. So, here you go.

Let's get started with some pics:

Ankit Singla Web Fair Meetup Speaker

Me, getting my pictures clicked before the event (for facebook 😛 )

Ankit Singla presentation

Me, giving my presentation

event audience

My wonderful audience

Ankit Singla web fair meetup prize

Me, receiving my gift from Pankaj Chopra

web fair meetup 3 ankit singla gift

A wonderful gift from Web Fair team. Thank you! ^_^

Web Fair Sponsors

Self explanatory.

Web fair meetup 3 speakers

A Pic with 3 other speakers (from left to right)

And now, it's time for some group photos. 🙂


Group photo 1

group photo

Group photo 2

group photo web fair meetup

Group photo 3

group photo web fair meetup 3

Group photo 4

ankit singla web fair meetup group photo

Group photo 5

Now, here is the complete session video. Sorry for the bad video quality. This is all I could manage.

Note: The Video is in Hindi Language.

Tools I have mentioned in the video:

That's all, guys!

Ankit Singla

5 thoughts on “My Web Fair Meetup 3.0 Pics and Session Video [Hindi]

  1. Hi Ankit!

    Many congratulations for holding successful seminar. I pray to GOD that he will give more success to you. I am a newbie in this field of Blogging. You already know me online as I have subscribed to your newsletter. But I am unable to proceed further towards success may be because of certain drawbacks I have in blogging. Or maybe I have to learn some tips from you. I have to make my blog more popular with your help (maybe). Looking forward.

    All the very best.

  2. Very Good Pictures.One Day I hope I too can be a speaker on blogging just like you Ankit.I just learned about blogging a few months back and I have a very long way to go But I am seriously interested in making it a full time career and living an independent boss -free life.
    Jai Shri Krishna

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