How To Choose A Perfect WordPress Theme – My Talk At WebLovers Meet Up 1.0

Hey Readers,

After giving a successful talk at Web Fair Meet Up 3.0, I got another chance to share my experience with awesome audience.

This time, I gave my talk at WebLovers Meet Up 1.0 which was powered by JoomDev (a WordPress and Joomla Theme Development company).

WebLovers Meet Up Ankit Singla

As I am using WordPress as my CMS (Content Management System), they wanted me to talk on "How to choose a perfect WordPress Theme."

If you are also unsure how a pick a perfect theme for your blog or business, then here are few most important factors to check:

  • It must be a perfect fit with your needs
  • Go with Premium theme for updates and securities
  • It must be SEO Friendly
  • Fast Loading
  • Responsive
  • Frequently updated
  • Schema Optimized

Recommendation: If you are looking for a theme which is fast, secure and responsive, try GeneratePress. It comes with Free and Paid version both. I'm using Paid version on this blog for obvious reasons.

WebLovers Meet Up 1.0 Pics and My Session Video!

Let's begin with some pics first:

Weblovers meet up ankit singla

Me, giving my talk!

Ankit Singla WebLovers Meet Up Gift

Me, receiving gift from Naveen (guy from JoomDev team)

United Colors of Benetton Watch

If you were wondering what is inside the box, well here it is. A Beautiful Watch! ^_^

My Full Session Video [in Hindi]

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