Zero Bounce Rate Plugin Review with 15% Discount Bonus

Bounce rate upto 50-70% is fine but what if your blog is getting more than 70% bounce rate?

It can be very dangerous for your blog’s search engine rankings.

In past, I had already shared 20 tips to reduce Bounce rate, but those actions take long time to give results.

Sometimes you may not get noticeable results too.

If you are a serious blogger, you must keep trying various methods to lower your bounce rate. While doing research on this subject, I came to know about a WordPress plugin which works like charm to lower down the bounce rate.

The plugin which I’m going to talk about is “Zero Bounce Rate“.

Zero bounce rate WordPress plugin works so awesome that your bounce rate will come to Zero. Do I need to mention that lower the bounce rate, higher the rankings will be?

Zero Bounce Rate WordPress Plugin Guide

Let’s see how this plugin works and what all it can do for you:

When you get organic traffic or social media traffic to your blog, and those visitors exit from your without checking other articles, you get bounce rate. What this plugin do is, when those visitors will try to Hit Back button in their browser, they will be automatically redirected to a specific page of your choice. It can be any page say your subscription page, any landing page, or any external website too. For example: you can redirect them to website with your affiliate link.
Zero Bounce Rate plugin
In that way, you can better use that traffic to make extra profit from your site.

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zerobounce discount code

How to use this plugin?

It’s a premium plugin for WordPress users. Once you purchased it, simply install it like other plugins and activate it. Then go to the Settings> Zerobounce to Configure it. The very first thing that you need to enter is the URL of the page where you want to send the redirected traffic.

zerobounce global urls

Beside this, it offers various others options too like:

  1. You can set multiple URLs in Global URLs settings. So, it will randomly open the webpages. You can put URLs of most popular pages on your blog. It will work best to reduce the bounce rate.
  2. You can choose whether or not you want to activate this plugin for traffic that comes from search engines and Facebook.
  3. If you want not to redirect the traffic that spend minimum 30 seconds (or any specific time), you can do that too. Simply put the number of seconds in Deactivate after x seconds field.
  4. You can decide whether or not you want to redirect the traffic comes from Mobile and Desktop devices.
  5. I like this feature; you can also deactivate this plugin for the same user which already got redirected once.

zerobounce plugin settings

If you are a serious blogger, you must be checking from which post of your blog you are getting the maximum bounce rate. Now what you can do with this plugin is, you can redirect the audience to another similar high valuable post. It will increase readers engagement on your blog. You can do this setting directly from your post editor.
ZeroBounce post editor

How To Make The Best use of this plugin?

Have a look at their official site, and check what they suggest:

My Personal Experience With this plugin

Few days back I installed this plugin on my other blog and got some pretty good results:

Significant improvement in Bounce rate:
From Google analytics stats, I found the posts that were causing the higher bounce rate. I simply activate this plugin on those pages and redirected all of my traffic (which previously was of no use) to my sales pages.

Rapid Increase in Affiliate Sales
Sending traffic to the sales pages was the smart move. It simply boosted my conversion rate up to 300%.


Zero bounce Rate is one of the finest WordPress plugin I came across. I personally recommend this plugin. It works like charm. Helps you in Reducing the Bounce rate and also boosts the Affiliate sales. It’s all up to you how you make effective use of this plugin. You can promote your YouTube channel, cross promote your blogs, use links to your affiliate programs like etc.

Here are the pricing plans of this awesome plugin:
plugin pricing

I better suggest you to choose $49 plan as it’s more than enough if you are running maximum of 5 sites.

Click here to grab a copy of this plugin
Use Discount code “btt15” on the order page to get 15% discount on total price.
zerobounce discount code
What are your views about this plugin? Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

7 thoughts on “Zero Bounce Rate Plugin Review with 15% Discount Bonus

  1. I always try to reduce the bounce rate of my website and also looked on the internet to get ideas in the past. But didn’t get proper idea to reduce the bounce rate. But now I got it. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  2. Hii Ankit,

    You shared and explained a quite informative information about the WordPress Plugin “Zero Bounce Rate”. This is first time when i read about but it but i can say this WordPress Plugin is just awesome and everybody should use.

    I think, i will surely use the Discount code “btt15” to get 15% discount. Thank you so much Bro 🙂

  3. Hi Ankit,
    We can analysis the Bounce Rate using the Google Analytic and Of course, the Zero Bounce Rate plugin will do same. But I am a little bit confused about Reducing the Bounce Rate. Will this plugin suggest to Visitors the Random Posts on my Blog so that they can stay longer on the blog?

  4. Hey Ankit,

    Great review! Yes, the ZeroBounce Rate plugin is awesome. A query about the plugin:

    I want to use it to my Amazon affiliate niche site. But there are doubts that this plugin may violate Amazon Associate Program terms. Do you have any idea? Thanks

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